Nimbus Sextet: Dreams Fulfilled (Fradinho Remix)

Blasting down the door today, we’ve got the fresh new sound of Nimbus Sextet. Coming in hot on the UK Jazz scene, these six talented players have been making noise on the beat for a hot minute. The Glaswegian contemporary jazz outfit is led by piano/ keyboardist and harmonica player Joe Nichols. Featuring Alex Palmer on drums, Mischa Stevens on bass, James Mackay on guitar, Martin Fell on saxophone, and Euan Allardice on trumpet, these six players combine jazz with world grooves and funk to get your ears and soul on a trip you didn’t know you were in need of. Their last effort on Acid Jazz, Dreams Fulfilled, was well received across the board from everyone from Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy to Gilles Peterson and more. Released last October, the record has popped up on best of 2020 lists everywhere and with good reason. This band is airtight. Funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter and rock solid on the jazz tip, they’ve recently been remixed and the result is a groove that makes you move.

This was an absolute pleasure to make as I’m recently digging deeper on the fields of jazz and having a lot of broken beat records in my collection that are massively influenced by jazz


With much success on the previous two singles “Lily White” and “Trap Door”, Nimbus Sextet enlist the help of Portgual’s Fradhino to put the track “Dreams Fulfilled” to the next level with a re-lick. An accomplished DJ/ musician since the age of 15, his take on this track is uncanny. Breathing his musical breath into the song, he recreated the original keyboards in his own way and on his own harmonic terms. The result is fantastic. a bright take and more importantly, a push to another level, where jazz hits the dance floor and bodies move. This is a remix is a late night, last tracks, sun coming up, make it count side. You’ll love what he’s done to it, how it feels and more importantly, how it makes you move. Check out the stream below and purchase on the bandcamp page.

Here’s a bonus slice of Nimbus Sextet live performing “Lily White” w/ vocalist Anthony Thomaz

Get the track here.

Go to the Acid Jazz site for more info and vinyl.

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