For A Moment There Was Silence: Unfold

If it’s one thing we know, this past year has changed our world forever. It’s changed the way we look at what’s going on around us, it’s changed our outlook on life, music, free time, and the like. It was also one of the most creative periods in our time in the music world. Artists adapting to what was going on: no gigs, lockdowns, and lack of gatherings that drove them to the best of their creative ability. One such artist is For A Moment There Was Silence.

Also known as the lo-fi hip hop producer This Is Tomorrow, Mike Zweyer is no stranger to the music game. Whether it is DJing or making music, we’ve featured him on the pages of Flea Market Funk before. Moving slightly left and in a different direction with this project, Zweyer moves towards 90’s electronica on this release, giving us half a dozen tracks that let the listener step back, breathe, and start their journey with this soothing aural pleasure. Pushing the MPC 2000XL aside, Zweyer has opted to go the synthesizer route, creating and producing an analog collection of music that could be a soundtrack to your dreams. We get a sample of the six in “Unfold”. Focused around a heartbeat (let’s face it, it could be yours), the track warmly unfolds with gentle, soothing, synth stabs and an airy breeze of percussion throughout. Quite a break from This Is Tomorrow, but like we said earlier, the state of this world has made people think twice and have to change directions a bit (although we hope Zweyer hasn’t abandoned that MPC all together). On both fronts, we’ve gotten much joy out of the music he creates. Listen to the first single “Unfold” below, and pre-order the album which drops April 9th. Here’s hoping we see a vinyl release for this one as well, wink wink, nudge, nudge. We are definitely feeling For A Moment There Was Silence.

Pre-order the album here.

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