Moses Herman Jacobs

It’s always great to hear back from an artist/ producer that had previously just blown the doors off of anything that was around at the time of the release. A producer that had a hip hop mind set but really just pulled from some the most obscure samples around. The way the tracks were flipped were just as unique as the tracks they created them from. They would release a string of forty-fives that became coveted by DJs and collectors who were in the know. Such is the case for one Professor Brian Oblivion, who’s returned with a project that is not just exciting, but will bring the listener some absolute happiness from the first needle drop.

The San Francisco based producer Professor Brian Oblivion teams up with three New York emcees, Sir Tumes, Mikal Amin, and Long Division to take you on a journey through sound as Moses Herman Jacobs. Named after some of the central historical figures that have helped shaped the great cities of New York and San Francisco to what each one of these beautiful places are today. Originally, the project started a bunch of years ago by Jacques Dupoux and is now currently released under the DUPO design studio (who is more than just a design studio, which we are fully behind!), this project has now seen the light of day and it ready to roll. The result? An end to end delightful movement of beats and rhymes that take it back to the true MC and producer; carefully crafted grooves and intelligent rhymes for everyone to absorb. A message that makes the listener think while simultaneously nodding their head. Oblivion is one of the most underrated beatmakers around, and for those who are in the know and accept the gift of this man’s talents, their lives are enhanced that much more. We promise you that. The trio of emcees push the envelope and ride wave flawlessly that Oblivion has created. Listen to the full length below, as the proceeds will be donated to Equality for Flatbush, who “fight gentrification as well as fighting landlords and the city, to keep people in their homes and neighborhoods.” We can get behind that.

Get the record here.

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