Thijsenterprise:Three Houses (Driehuizen)

Following up the eyebrow raising Lahringen LP, Thijsenterprise comes back once again, saxophone in hand to bring us Three Houses (Driehuizen) a ten song long player that’s sure to raise even more eyebrows and keep his left of center sound in your ears for quite a while.

This Dutch native (who resides currently in Barcelona, Spain) takes on sax, beat making, and composing duties and is backed by a rhythm section on this current release. His unique sound putting together raw drums and dirty bass lines, free wheeling jazz saxophone and hip hop beats has created his own universe on these releases. Traveling deep into the abyss that is his mind, Thijsenterprise gives us a ten song long player that includes darker and more emotional tracks than the previous release, with even more solos, be it the clarinet or sax. The album is named after a place in the Netherlands in the north of the country and is a personal dive into the man and his feelings. We are treated to two sneak peeks from the record right now. The first, “Sunglasses For Summertime In The Zoo” is a beat filled, wavy ride. Prominent saxophone over tough as nails drums pair perfectly with spoken word. An early ’70s Dutch coffeehouse feel; a smoky room filled with glassy-eye patrons vibing to the saxophone siren’s call. Listen closely, it’s funky, deep, and feels good. The second track we hear is quite the opposite. “Koyaanisqatsi” is a Phillip Glass written song from the documentary Koyaanisqatsi : Life Out Of Balance by Godfrey Reggio. Dark, but hopeful, says Thijsenterprise of this cover: “A meaning where I personally can relate to for the last four years. I was introduced to this piece by my saxophone teacher in 2005, and the soundtrack and movie have made a huge impact on me ever since.” A moving cover version and a further look into the mind of this talented multi-faceted musician. Listen to both tracks below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here available on June 16th via Rucksack Records.

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