Connie Price & The Keystones ft. Bootie Brown – All Night

When Superjock Records goes in, they go in. Their catalog is deep and always steeped in with the ‘Nawlins sound. Whether it be re-edits of The Big Easy classics, regional hip hop, Blues, or breaks, their back end is always bumpin’. Today they pay tribute to The Crescent City’s party atmosphere and West Coast hip hop and funk respectively with this unique forty five “All Night” by Connie Price and the Keystones featuring Bootie Brown from The Pharcyde.

When The Pharcyde was coming up, it was a glorious time in hip hop. Their West Coast style was different, exciting, and Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde still remains one of the best hip hop albums of all time. Fast forward to Labcabincalifornia and well, another banger. Connie Price and the Keystones funk sound is like an old dirty bastard, there’s no father to their style. Actually, there are influences though: gritty funk that started with JB and then spread across the USA like wildfire to the ATL and Norfolk, VA, Mobile, AL, and San Antonio, TX. Their feel is raw, gritty, and contagious, quite evident on their 45 releases. Superjock harnessed the power of both of these groups (grabbing rapper Bootie Brown from The Pharcyde) on this new seven. Inspired by The Meters and The Pharcyde, the record features an all star cast of players. Dan Ubick on guitar (Breakestra, The Lions), Mario Calire on drums (Ozomatli), Neal Francis on piano (Colemine Records), Kincaid Smith on trumpet (Hepcat), Julius Augustus on bass (The Sandollars), Richard Donovan on organ (The Keystones), Professor Shorthair on turntables (Superjock Records) and Romye Robinson aka Bootie Brown on vocals (The Pharcyde) tear the roof off of this sucka! Listen to the track below and order acfter the stream.

Get the record here.

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