Skill: Props To All Jazz Cats b/w Yes, Yes, Y’all

Coming straight out of Sophia, Bulgaria, Social Impact Records pushing through like a wave on the beach with this new double-sider of heat from Skill. With a nod to jazz music and of course the records that sampled it, they’re on some over there chill vibes from start to finish. Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it, if we can quote Mister Mef. This is a carefully crafted forty-five record. Made in a non traditional way, in a hot room, by hand and carefully inspected and listened to to ensure the quality, that little fact makes this release even more special. That peaked our interest right away, so let’s move on to the actual tracks, shall we?

Releasing limited, strictly vinyl records (no digital!) by local Bulgarian artists, Social Impact has pulled on the heartstrings of many who love the Golden Age, Boom Bap, and jazzy sounds that boom out your speak. Side A, “Props To All Jazz Cats” has got that Galt MacDermot feel; piano riffs that roll into a dope sax vibe, with carefully created samples about jazz music shaken in for maximum flavor. Loving this 90’s feel and it’s a head nodder for sure. The flip, “Yes, Yes, Y’All” picks up where the A left off. More piano, boom bap drums, and heavy jazz sax Daddy-O, keeping the theme alive. Hand made in small quantities, once these things are gone, they are gone. Support this small label and records that in a few years you’d wished you had scooped up. Listen to both sides and purchase after the stream.

Buy the record here.

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