Afrodesia Episode One

If you missed this jam that makes you say GOD DAMN!, then well friends, you’re in luck. The Afrodesia Episode One Ep has been repressed and sounds just as good as it did when it was dropped in 2019. Which, let’s face it could have been ten years ago with the state of this world as it is.

What might come off as some dusty nugget from some hidden studio in the late ’70s or early ’80s is indeed a modern day creation from the uber talented Mystic Jungle and Whodamanny from the Periodica crew. Slick, inviting and with plenty of bass, the four tracks presented (and now brought back) are bad ass to say the least. With an overarching funk in the trunk, hitting harder than Ali at the Rumble in the Jungle punch, it’s heavy heavy on the boogie feels with some Ivory Coast disco thrown in. Listen close, you can hear shining the goodness shining right through. Oh, and did we mention synths and bass? Handclaps? Oh they are all there. These Italian maestros really can craft some great tracks to make you groove until the sun comes up. Not forced or over done, but an organic feel with a nod to the past a look right to the dancefloor to get people moving like they should, this 12″ is most definitely a shaker. Listen to the EP below and while it’s sold out on bandcamp, click the link to grab a copy.

Get the record here.

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