Crystal Winds: Lovers Holiday

For those of you who like to discover new music from eclectic labels, number one, you’re in the right place. Number two, we’re highlighting Athens of The North’s latest banger from two stepping soul group Crystal Winds today. Always finding and reissuing the rarest of the rare, this one sees the light of day officially on a 45 from some of the hardest digging cats in the business out of their home base in Edinburgh.

Comprised of Martin Dumas Jr, Paul Coleman and Morris Browns , Crystal Winds is some serious seventies soul and this particular 45 brings two of their best tracks to one seven inch. Licensed from the band themselves, Athens of The North are definitely not playing around on this one. “Lovers Holiday”, a smooth as butter side that gives off super love vibrations gives a lesson to all these wanna be rip offs that are floating around these days. This track is the real deal, danceable, and has all the feels like a mid 70’s groover should. Easy to get on your skates or slide across the floor to in a hot minute. The flip, “Love Ain’t Easy” picks up the pace a bit, throws in some beautiful strings and continued bass mastery to let you know that the B-Side wins again and again. Well impressed with this one, you’ll be playing both sides over and over, it’s that good. Great gradient label design and typography for all you design nerds too. Listen to the record below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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