The Estimations: Heart Of Stone

After a two-year hiatus, Kimberlite Records returns with another scorcher for their already heavy quiver of seven-inch records in their discography. These past few years have been tough all over the world, and with plants clogged and people’s lives put on hold, we are definitely happy to hear this record come out of the Kimberlite camp. A true indie label that puts out quality recordings and records.

“Heart of Stone” by The Estimations (their second 45), is a whirlwind of sounds that blows in off the stormy sea of love. A tale of the rejected, hurt, scorned, and loss. A track that really breaks down the apprehension to get back out there (we have all been here, it’s ok people, you find love we promise) and back into the ring of love, it’s a fabulous track that’s spot on. Filled with fuzzy guitars and Norman Whitfield psychedelic soul feels, The Estimations come back hard on forty-five number two. The flip “Kissing My Baby” is a nod to Motown with a Smokey Robinson miracle of a sweet, upbeat soul track. Two different sides of the coin, both with completely different feels but with the same result: top tunes. If this isn’t on your end-of-year or want list, you need to put it on. Listen to both tracks below and order the record after the stream. Kimberlite for the late 2021 win!

Get the record here.

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