Monk-One: Return of the Golden Era Beats

“Suckers be pretending they’re hardcore but never know the meaning of R-A-W.” That’s all you need to know to get the theme of the latest edition of beats and reinterpretations Return To The Golden Age Beats by Brooklyn DJ, writer, producer, and verterano of this music game Monk-One.

“Suckers be pretending they’re hardcore but never know the meaning of R-A-W.

Growing Like Grass

The man’s been around and has been a staple of this NYC music ting, steering the ship at Wax Poetics, co-running the NYC Trust label, and being the man to go to for music nights that range from reggae, hip hop, funk, soul, Latin, popcorn, and more. Blending samples and beats up smoothly like it’s healthy and sticking to the perfecting the art of moving butts, Monk One uses that same philosophy when he’s chopping up records and preserving this music in the only way he can: do it big or don’t do it at all. Interpreting and reimagining classic material from Gangstarr, Organized Konfusion, Queen Latifah, Grand Puba, East Flatbush Project, Supercat, Eric B. and Rakim, and more, these Golden Age re-imaginations hit hard like a Tyson bolo. He’s cooked up beats with elements of jazz, funk, soul, and more for our listening pleasure. These Monk-One re-licks could be featured prominently on remixes from these major artists of the day. Facts. The fat cat who knows where it’s out, go nod your head to a track like “Simple Lester”, throwing out full-on Wall of Sound vibes as if you were hanging at The Cooler back in the day or get hype as he punches the funk in your trunk with crisp drums throughout the project that bang like a Benzi. And you say New York City, Monk-One return to the era with style. Nod your head and feel good for a spell, you deserve it. Listen to the project below and purchase after the stream.

Get the project here.

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