Flying Vipers: Green and Copper

Jumping back into 2022 the mighty Flying Vipers out of Waltham, Massachusetts gives a chance for the masses that may have missed these releases to grab it in vinyl instead of cassette form. We’re talking about Green and Copper originally released in 2018.

We’ve featured this real deal dub reggae outfit before and if you’re the type that mourned a dude like Lee “Scratch” Perry and you’ve worn out the grooves on King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown, perhaps it’s time for you to get yourself into The Flying Vipers. Laying it down smoothly from start to finish, in terms of new and modern dub, this effort hold up right next to the best of them. Tunes like “Cannabacae”, “Beacon Street Version”, “Smoke and Dagger” as well as “Heady Topper Headon” and “Dragon Snout” are all soundtracks to your journey or smoke sesh.

Get your hands on this record at any cost. It sold out early on their bandcamp but you’ll have to get clever to grab one, and let’s face it: you’re a record collector, when you want it, you find a way to get it. The Flying Vipers are definitely one of the premiere dub reggae bands around, so we’re going to leave that with you. Now it’s time to turn the record over and play it again. Listen to the record below.

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