The Nu-Rons: I’m A Loner/ All My Life

When it comes to preserving the historical music of funk and soul for the City of Brotherly Love, Brewerytown Beats has been doing a bang-up job since they came on the scene. With attention to detail and a plethora of stunning releases, BTB is well on its way to making music history with these incredible preservations. Today they tackle “I’m A Loner” by The Nu-Rons.

In fact, he mixed the record just as he “would have mixed MFSB (the backing band) in 1970.

With two sides of ferocious low rider soul, BTB releases a seven that will capture the hearts of soul lovers from the first needle drop. The record is a very close replica of the exact record put out in 1971. Recorded at the famous Sigma Sound Studios and produced by Emanuel Campbell Jr. & Charles Bowen, the project has been mixed from the original 16 track multis and of course, by the genius behind the board, Tom Moulton. In fact, he mixed the record just as he “would have mixed MFSB (the backing band) in 1970. BTB gets the cream of the crop to master the 45 as well, MasterWorks’ own Peter Humphries. And to just boost up the CV of this project, they would have been the original team to do this back in the 1970s. See what they’re doing here? Not only are they preserving the music, but the attention to detail is second to none, grabbing legends of the Philly soul scene and taking it to a higher level than most. Both sides of this double heater are exactly what you would expect: pure fire. The soul set will eat these tracks right up. We’re lucky to have Max and crew on the job in Philly, and if you’re new to BTB, jump back into their catalog and go down the rabbit hole. Way more than a label or shop, this team lives and breathes music (especially Philadelphia’s beautiful music past). Stream both tracks below (tracks 9-12) and jump to pre-order this limited edition of 500 in a few different variations available in May.

Pre-order the record here.

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