Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band: Represent b/w Juicy Fruit

We’re suckers here for a steel drum band. Don’t believe us? Look right and check out the Instagram feed. We can not get enough of this sound and buy up all the steel drum records we come across. But we digress, we’re here to talk about another sure shot from the always reliable Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band as they follow up their smash 2021 long player Expansions with another belter of a seven-inch on the Big Crown record label.

Tackling a myriad of top-notch and obscure records and records that have been sampled before, the A-side comes out strong with an originally DJ Premier produced certified Golden Age classic in Nasir Jones aka Nas’s forever winner “Represent” One of the definite standout tracks on the 2021 release, they throw in some guitar and brass to expand (a tuba yo!) your mind, always keeping the steel pan with the original sample that’ll have your head nodding from Harlem to Tokyo and beyond. Dig?

Flip it over and relish in the goodness that is a steel drum cover of Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit”. While it’s been covered before in the reggae realm (Christine Lewin from 1984), this version by BRSB is really something different. Well played and well done, another winner for the band and the label. Whether you’re in it for the original or for the Biggie “Juicy” sample, it’s a crowd-pleaser and for sure will get those heads nodding and feet moving on the floor. If you haven’t slid into the steel drum sound yet, we encourage you to keep an open mind because you can not deny the groove this band is laying down. This B-side, non-album cut is really something special and on a 45 for the first time, so don’t sleep. Strem both sides below and purchase after you listen.

Get the 45 here.

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