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Cold Chillin Scores

I took a week off at the Spot last week, but this week you know I had to get back into it. I had a friend with me today, fellow digger DJ Andy Smith. Andy and I have been talking back and forth the last few years, and I told him when he came into town, if he had time I’d take him to the Spot. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out because of his hectic schedule, but fortunately he had some free time and we were able to hit a few key spots today (the man took a 6am train from NYC to get here, that’s a dedicated digger people). The vinyl Gods smiled upon both of us as we hit a load of Cold Chillin’ 7″ promos straight away, and it only got better from there. We were both able to score some good sides, and Andy got a taste of American Flea Market characters. I was a bit disappointed that Stinky Steve was absent, because everyone has to experience that man, just once. There are enough characters to go around though, and the guy who has a cat on a leash had a huge stash of mostly unsleeved 45s that we got a chance to go to town on. We were fortunate because it’s his last trip up here from Baltimore until next season, so I was glad to have caught him before he flew South for the Winter with his cat and trailer full of memorabilia in tow.

Andy is a seasoned digger with great record knowledge, and known for his genre crossing Document Series Mixes, plus the load of other genre specific mixes that are just fantastic. Check out some of his mixes you can download for free here. There were a few of the usual suspects about, and for once, it was someone else that got the question of “What is that?” By that, I am referring to Andy’s Sound Burger portable record player that no one ever sees over here due to it’s hefty price. People really amaze me with their stupid questions, I mean seriously, we both have headphones on, and there is a pile of records next to us, as well as one spinning on the platters. Could it be any more obvious? I guess not. At any rate, if anyone has a lead on a Sound Burger (or Mr. Disk as they were called here in the States) that’s in great shape (new in the box would be cool), and that will not break my bank account, feel free to contact me. I’ve been looking for one. At one time Ice Cube said it was a good day, and today that song would fit : the weather was great, the Spot wasn’t too crowded, and there were definitely records to be had. Be sure to check out DJ Andy Smith coming to a venue in your town in the future, and make sure you ask him to play some Cold Chillin’ stuff. Here’s a list of the records I got for those who are keeping score:


Three Dog Night – I Can Hear You Calling/ Dunhill ABC
Biz Markie – Vapors/ Biz Goin’ Off/ Cold Chillin’
Roxanne Shante – Go On Girl/ Cold Chillin’
Tyrone Brunson – The Smurf/ Believe In a Dream
The Hammond Chord Organ/ ZCTV
Diana Ross & the Supremes – He’s My Sunny Boy/ Motown
Philip Upchurch Combo – You Can’t Sit Down/ Boyd Records Inc.
Mable John – Your Good Thing/ Stax
Heatwave – Super Soul Sister/ Epic
Shirley Brown – Yes Sir Brother/ Truth
Edwin Starr – Back Street/ Ric-Tic
The Intruders – Up and Down the Ladder/ Gamble
The Temptations – I Can’t Get Next To You/ Gordy
Miami featuring Robert Moore/ Party Freak/ Drive
The Main Ingredient – Magic Shoes/ RCA
First Choice – Gonna Keep On Lovin Him/ Philly Groove
Ella Andall – Hello Africa/ Shorty
Pride – Come On Get Dancing/ Disco Record Co.
Donald Byrd – Dominoes/ Blue Note
Timmy Thomas – Cold Cold People/ Glades
Ike Turner – Right On/ United Artists
Tyrone Davis – I Had All the Time/ Dakar
Judy Clay & William Bell – Private Number/ Stax
The Persuaders – Thigh Spy/ ATCO
James Brown – Body Heat/ Polydor
King Floyd – Everybody Needs Somebody/ Chimneyville


Shirley Bassey – Is Really Something/ United Artists
Cat Stevens – Iz It So/ A & M (what’s up DITC sample?) thanks Andy!
Tom Jones – The Fever Zone/ London
Paula & Carole – In the Magic Garden/ Cap
The Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming A Dream/De-Lite
The Definitive Jazz Scene Vol. 2/ Impulse!
Americans in Europe Vol. 1/ Impulse!
Thelonious Monk – The Unique/ Riverside (reissue)
Jackie McClean & Michael Carvin – Antiquity/ Steeple Chase
The Impressible Impulses – Impluse!
The Isley Brothers – Go For Your Guns/ T-Neck

Keep Diggin’!

**Check out the newest addition to the FMF Family, Allen over at Soul Spectrum. He’s got some great rare goodies to download as well as some other record related things you will find interesting. His specialty is Brasilian music, and I am really looking forward to checking out some of his posts. Welcome to the fam Allen, and I’m digging your blog already.

10 responses to “Cold Chillin’ Saturday Diggin’

  1. yeah we lucked out for sure, and there weren’t too many people buying vinyl which was cool. i was psyched, the old man sold me a lot of good jazz, and no egg beard in sight.

  2. Sadly, Andy did not get a chance to fully experience Saggy Red. He did experience Super Mario Brothers and the guy with the cat on the leash. I’m sure we’ll run into the sagginess that is red very soon.

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  4. hey dude, there’s a dude on ebay that pops up everyonce in awhile selling unopened soundburgers….but he’s out in the canary lsands or something…so shipping is a bitch. Maybe if you hit him up…his seller name is swarkybubble.

    anyways I enjoy your blog…I check into it every week.

  5. Wow! Like to see that JB ‘Body Heat’ 45 posted, brotha. It’s always a true pleasure to hear Brown’s original sides in their natural form…

  6. can you help me find a way to download party freaks by miami feat r.moore
    any help is appreciated

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