Move On Up – FMF Podcast Vol. 16

FMF Vol 16

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I don’t know about any of you out there, but I love vinyl. I love the smell of it, I love the feel of it, and I definitely love the sound of it. Freshly dug up vinyl has this certain musty, stale smell to it. The feeling I get after a dig and have the records in my hand and that smell starts to waft up out of my record bag, man I know that I’ve had a great day when that happens. The feel of each record, whether it’s an acetate, vinyl or styrene (each with their unique characteristics and feel) I can dig. It could be cracked a little (or a lot in the case of the Brother Jack McDuff “Electric Surfboard” I got this past weekend) and still play or even the sheer weight of 180g repressing, I like them all. Then there is the sound. Pops, clicks, a small amount of surface noise, I don’t care. You don’t get that sound anywhere else, and that’s why I will never stop buying vinyl. That being said, let’s talk about this latest mix.

It’s Monday, and that means only one thing, the start of another week. After a great weekend of digging ( Good looks on some of the suggestions Andy!) and some recovery time on Sunday, I bring you the latest podcast here at Flea Market Funk: Move On Up – FMF Vol. 16. I’ve been stockpiling 45s and couldn’t take it any more, I had to get these sides into a mix. I was able to sample a spoken word record I picked up over the weekend and a few sides I got at the last record show, plus a few I have actually reviewed in the last month or so. I still have not forgot about the Hip Hop Mix that I talked about earlier, I’m thinking of dropping that on my 100,000 visit, which will be coming up shortly.

So, wherever you are this Monday, start your week off and Move on Up like Curtis Mayfield with some Raw Soul and Deep Funk courtesy of Flea Market Funk.

Here’s the track list:

Little Razor & the Swingmasters – Razor Blade/ Tri Us
Dennis Coffey – Getting It On ’75/ Sussex
Senor Soul – It’s Your Thing/ Whiz
The Dynatones – The Fife Piper/ HBR
Truman Thomas – Mr. Soul/ Veep
Cal Tjader – Solar Heat/ Skye
Bobo Mr. Soul – H.L.I.C/ Ovide
Brother Soul – Feelin’ Funky/ ElmCor
The Family – Family Affair/ North Bay
Elijah & The Ebonies – Hot Grits/ Capsoul
Gus “The Groove” Lewis – Let The Groove Move You/ Tous Sea
Brother Jack McDuff – Black Is!/ Cadet
Johnny Hammond – Rock Steady/ Kudu
Clifford Curry – Soul Ranger/ SSS International
The San Remo Golden Strings – I’m Satisfied/ Ric Tic
Let’s Groove Together – Our Ladies of Soul/ Kelton

Keep Diggin’!

18 responses to “Move On Up – FMF Podcast Vol. 16

  1. It’s becoming quite an event for me when you drop a new mix. Something about hearing that, “Flea Market wicka, wicka, wicka FUNK” intro that gets the ol’ heart racing. There’s a few things I can count on…1.) It’s gonna be SUPER tight, 2.) It’s gonna be loaded with ACE stuff that cats with a limited knowledge of music like myself are certain to be blown away by, and C.) Before I even start it, I go ahead and click the repeat button cause I know when it’s over, ain’t no way I’m not gonna listen again. Thanks so much!!

    Peace and SOUL,

    PS. Can’t get enough of that Dynatones track. So great you included it here as well!!!

  2. thanks dave. i love making mixes. it’s finding the time to do them that can be the hard part. thank larry at funky 16 for the dynatones track. he turned me on to that gem. keep diggin’ my man!

  3. Thanks for another great mix. I also love digging through vinyl. I sometimes think the thrill of the hunt is as important as finding the wax.
    And to prove it’s a small world…last week I read about the Dynatones and yesterday at the Arbutus (Baltimore) record show I found a $1 copy on St. Clair.
    Take care,

  4. I agree with the thrill of the hunt comment. There is something satisfying to know your hard work pays off when you’ve found a really good record. I could care less what they’re worth, it’s all about the music (and hopefully some open drums). How is that Baltimore show?

  5. Actually, the show is worthwhile. Always crowded and it’s mostly the same dealers have been coming for years. A lot of people from the Philly / Maple Shade/ Lancaster area, and dealers from Northern Va. as well. I hope I don’t jinx myself but it seems as if there are more deals to be had on singles rather than LPs. ok by me.

  6. I really dig this mix. Didn’t listen to it till now because connectivity at work is sketchy. Thank you Pres. I love this stuff.

  7. Rock Steady is so solid. I love Eric Gale’s bendy guitar licks on this track. So slick.

    I really mean it dude, you are performing a valuable service by finding and archiving this stuff.

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  9. This is FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!! God bless you my son, all these mixes are very special. I think my search for “that” music is over. I have arrived, keep em comming hombre. I cant express my gratitude enough for these tunes without sounding stupid. Who cares, i love you. …………….but not messy love, ok.

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