10 cc – Dreadlock Holiday

10cc – Dreadlock Holiday from the Polydor Lp Bloody Tourists

Good Friday to all of you. Every once in a while I like to throw out a curve ball. Today is one of those days. This particular side is one that has been in my record box for quite a while. I always bring it, and it’s something I might start off the night with, but I may also wind down with it as well. For the most part, I definitely am not a fan of white guys attempting to play Reggae. There is a particular thing that irks me about a guy who isn’t from Jamaica trying to front with a patois. Although these cats don’t try to make themselves Jamaican, they do a fine job with their attempt at a Reggae style song. It’s short and sweet today, but the reward IMHO is what counts. Here’s 10cc with “Dreadlock Holiday” from 1978.

Straight out of Manchester, and probably United supporters (although one can only hope they followed City like Oasis), the band was compromised of an all star musical line up. Graham Gouldman, who wrote songs for the Yardbirds and the Hollies among others, studio session geniuses Lol Creme and Kevin Godley, and Eric Stewart, who played in Wayne Fontana and the Minbenders, would all contribute to the longevity of 10cc. Named after the average amount of semen ejaculated by a male, these cheeky lads went on to back Neil Sedaka, release a handful of records that would dominate the UK charts, and eventually disband for a short time in 1977. Two members would push on and record “The Things You Do For Love” (a song I distinctively remember singing while in grade school on the bus) with session cats, while the other members would work in video production and invent guitar effects. The best thing is they would reunite in 1978 and record the following side off of their Bloody Tourists record. I, for one, am glad they did. Reintroduced to the masses by Guy Ritchie ion the Snatch Soundtrack, it’s a great record.

For one, like I said earlier, while it originally might have come across as a bit of a mockery, it really is one of the best Reggae songs put out by a White band. The song itself, is supposedly a tale spun by the Moody Blues Justin Hayward, about a tourist lost in Jamaica in a part of town you would not want to be in at the wrong time. Whether it’s 100% true or not, 10cc pull it off. It’s a feel good tune, and since it was upwards of 70 degrees and sunny here yesterday, it’s something I can listen to always, but reminds me most of a warm, sunny day. I’ll be back, hopefully over the weekend with some digging stories. Before I get out of here, I’d like to shout of Stinkie Steve fan (or Station wagon Steve as he was known back then) Joe Flynn. He was so kind to reach out and give me a shout here at FMF. Welcome aboard and hope to see you more often. Keep Diggin!

**PS: I’ll be here next Friday night with DJ Jack the Ripper

9 responses to “10 cc – Dreadlock Holiday

  1. Man, I love 10cc. I probably shouldn’t admit it in a public forum, but whatever. “Neanderthal Man” is a good cut, too.

  2. A massive radio & T.V. track out here in Australia! Especially when the West Indies Cricket team tours. Curve ball? A bouncer of a delivery!
    Always surprising Pres.

  3. 2 Many DJs dropped this behind a Destiny’s Child a capela and it seriously makes “Bootylicious” waaaaay better. Hear it and believe it.

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