Just For Fun – FMF Vol. 27

I haven’t dropped a mix in a minute. It seems that real world moves have been getting in the way of making a few, so since I had the weekend off from DJ gigs, I decided to do a another one. Before I start on that, I want to give a massive shout out to Groove Holmes’ daughter, Denise Holmes Carter. She contacted me about my review, and thanked me for writing it. There is no thanks needed, as her father is a legend, and his music desperately needs to be preserved. That being said, on with the program. This time, the mix I’m dropping will coincide with a new party I’m throwing next Friday April 18th. The Party is called No Half Steppin’ with DJ Jack the Ripper, and will feature Golden Age Hip Hop and some definite 80’s and 90’s party jams to keep you moving. Since I stopped doing my Rock Box party, I’ve wanted to do a few one offs that focused on Golden Age Hip Hop and related tunes. This mix is some of the records you’ll here on the new night. I’ve had a lot of these records under wraps for 10 years or more. So enjoy some unheard classics and pre Yo! MTV Raps sides, all on original 12″, because back in the day, it was just for fun.

Just For Fun – FMF Vol. 27 Tracklist

1) Love Bug Starski – Live at the Fever/ The Fever: This former Bronx DJ at The Fever was credited by Afrika Bambataa for coming up with the name Hip Hop. This record was sampled by The Beastie Boys on “Get on the Mic” on Paul’s Boutique, Run DMC on “Krush Groove”, and then later on the Beasties would use the lyrics as an extra nod on To the Five Boroughs. Released in 1983 and is still strong despite some corny lyrics.

2) Queens Brooklyn Connection – This Is Called Hip Hop/ Capitol: It’s ’88 we have to set it straight. This record was produced and mixed Mantronix. The crew consisted of Bryce-Luv, DJ D, and Rev-Rock. They released another 12″, which I have, called “Back to School”.

3) Word of Mouth feat. DJ Cheese – Coast to Coast/ Profile: I had my man Skills over the house one day and he told me his sister had a kid with DJ Cheese. Apparently, he’s locked down, but before all that, he was a 1986 DMC Champion. Teaming up with KMC and Ali-G, this classic from 1986 was launched. Known for the ever used scratch record sample of “Listen Up”.

4) Fresh 3 MC’s – Fresh/ Profile: Signed to Profile in 1982 and releasing this in 1983, this trio was featured on the Pumkpin 12″ “Here Comes the Beat”. A term not used too much, but you know what? I’m gonna bring it back. Yo, those Sergios are fresh. Do you think it sounds dated?

5) Ruthless Rap Assassins – Just Mellow/ Syncopate: I picked this up when I was in London from The Big Man. This band came from Hulme in Manchester and were made up of MC Kermit La Freak, Dangerous Hinds, and Dangerous C. This record came out in 1990, and also features a remix by Norman Cook, aka Fat Boy Slim.

6) T La Rock and Jazzy Jay – It’s Yours (Scratch Party Death Mix) / Def Jam: This very first Def Jam record has a great background. Originally Rick Rubin had it lined up for Treacherous Three rapper Special K to team up with Jazzy Jay on this record. Special K couldn’t make it, so his brother T La Rock subbed, and well, that was that. Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys helped make the beat, the Beasties sang some back up, and an instant classic was born in 1984.

7) Gangster D – Smooth/ Creative Funk: Released in 1988, and definitely influenced if not biting Rakim’s style, this is a record I actually picked up in a basement sale of some crazy couple. It’s recorded a bit low on the Creative Funk label, but after browsing their discography, I can see why. The biggest name on the roster is DJ Kool, unless you feel Smoothie or Scratchmaster Chuckie T were household names.

8.) Whistle – Just For Fun/ Select: Whistle was Jazzy Jazz, Kool Doobie, and Silver Spinner. Known more for their 12″ “Just Buggin’ “, this side is the A side on Select Records from 1986. It was produced by The Kangol Kid and Howie Tee.

9) Stetsasonic – Sally/ Tommy Boy: The band was originally named after Stetson hats, and this 1988 classic sampled Dyke and the Blazers and would be an example of what members Daddy-O, Prince Paul, and Fruitkwan would be capable of in the future. Prince Paul and Fruitwan later founded the Gravediggaz, Paul would become an All Star producer with De La Soul (although he would almost bankrupt them by not clearing samples on 3 Feet High) and independently, while Daddy-O would work with the RHCP, Mary J. , and others.

10) Jimmy Spicer – The Bubble Bunch/ Mercury: Released in 1982, it was a side after 13 minute rap opus “The Adventures of Super Rhymes” on Dazz. I can remember listening to this thing on Philadelphia’s Power 99 and 98 WCAU as a teen.

11) Chuck Chillout and Cool Chip – I’m Large/ Mercury: Original member of The B-Boys from the Bronx. Chillout would go on to host a radio show on WBLS, and then team up with Cool Chip to release this side in 1989.

12) Marley Marl – Scratch/ Nia: What more can I say about Marley Marl? He’s the originator of the Juice Crew, super producer, and all around Hip Hop guru. Released the first beef record (unintentionally..or was it?), released the first posse cut (The Symphony), and still continues to make records, do a ground breaking radio show, and be respected as one of the best Hip Hop producers ever. Teaming up with MC Shan, this 1985 record is a sought out piece. Thanks to Jack the Ripper for this copy.

Download or listen to Just For Fun – FMF Vol. 27

Keep Diggin’!

***PS: Don’t forget Friday April 18th!

11 responses to “Just For Fun – FMF Vol. 27


    A++++ Great mixing, great selections! (Excellent cover art too!!)

  2. YEAH!!!!!

    Gahdamn. The only thing missing is double copies cut back to back. Awesome selection.

  3. BIG TIME MIX!! Brought back memories of the crew cruising through the local mall, finding a spot over in the corner, dropping the BOOM BOX, pressing play, everyone busts into a SOUL clap, starting out with a little top rock, a bit of poppin’ and lockin’ into some wave’in, hitting the floor, being unable to do the moves all those cats from the NYC crews in ‘Beat Street’ did to perfection, really tryin’ though, oh sh#t, is that a challenge? Time for a battle…..Ahh, those were the days!!!

    As always, you bring it each and every time. Some of my ALL-TIME favs here, especially ‘Sally.’ I wore my Stets’ tape out back in the day! Cheers!!!!!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  4. Sorry you did not like “Smooth,” but I had other records that you may have liked. You should hear, “I Got a Good Thang,” released on Third Eye Recordings. Smooth was a starter for me, and it was decent here on the East coast.


  5. man…i been lookin for that back to school jawn by qbc since cds became the standard…and when i do find it, it s never the version i m use to hearing with the searing horns…if you got…whew, that would be sweet…and yeah, power 99 and lady b’s street beat on sunday’s for me, too

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