Welcome Back with Damp Diggin’

Every table was wet, but records were to be found if you dug deep.

It seems like it’s been a while since I hit the Spot. It actually has. The weather finally broke this morning, and I was up early on my way to a damp, wet, flea market that could have been a wash out. I think people were so eager to just get out, that they didn’t care about the dank feeling in the air. They just wanted to sell or buy, and for me, I needed to get my hands dirty and find some scores. Jack the Ripper beat me there first and called me with a report: water everywhere, and lots of people setting up. With some Coltrane blaring I hit the road and pulled into the Spot. As soon as I got out of the car I got bum rushed by the Meatball. “I’m now selling to the public”, he blurted out. Now selling to the public? Who were you selling shitty records to, Iran? He had some bad Disco, but a nice Black Jazz piece dangling in front of me. I passed, he wanted way, way too much for it because he saw it on E Bay for some ridiculous price. I hit up the Old Man, who had a small stash of Funk and Soul for me, plus some Jazz Lps in a crazy metal box. There was no Stinkie Steve today, but word has it he was trying to move between two tables and his big Caddy was a little too big, resulting in ripping the handle off the car and scratching the thing like it was in a Dukes of Hazzard car chase. With Steve out of the picture, I only had to deal with Eggbeard, who was, of course being himself. He was moving at a pace of a speed walker (at his age is fast, he’s old), and was lurking around the vehicle of Johnny No Change (“No Change man, sorry”). Johnny talks a good game, but sets up late. He has two (but only brought one today) kids and this wife who is always chasing them around. Bringing kids to the fleas is a tough move, and JNC has his hands full. Johnny No Change eventually set up, but I didn’t have to put up with Eggy at his table too much today. I saw the Psycho Killer casing his prey, a life size doll baby with horse hair. Rob Hell made an early appearance, but I’m sure there wasn’t enough action for him. I don’t blame him. Big Gay Joe was singing “Sunrise, Sunset” over and over, and didn’t blink an eye as I pulled out some 90’s Pete Rock produced goodness on 12″. The records were kind of scarce, but JNC, the Old Man, Big Gay Joe, and my man Wally were good to me today. JTR had to bolt so Silent G and I finished out the morning by grabbing what we could from Johnny No Change. No $3000 Psych records to be found today, much to the chagrin of certain record dealers. Speaking of Psych, Psych Dave, where are you? Call me, I need a fix.

Here’s today’s scores for those who have a scorecard:

O’Donel Levy – Dawn of A New Day/ Groove Merchant
Phil Woods – Round Trip/ Verve
InI – Fakin Jax/ Elektra
Neil Young – Neil Young/ Reprise
Ahmad Jamal – Free Flight/ Impulse!
Kings and Queens of Soul – Various Artists/ Columbia
Ralph MCDonald – Sound of A Drum/ TK

The Sweet Inspirations – To Love Somebody/ Atlantic
Neil Diamond – Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon/ Bang
Joe Cocker – Woman To Woman/ A&M
The Searchers – Hi Heel Sneakers/ KAPP
The Ventures – Out of Limits/ Liberty
Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Lovers Holiday/ SSS Soul
The Unifics – Court of Love/ KAPP
Donald Byrd – Change (Makes You Want to Hustle)/ Blue Note
Isley Brothers – Warpath/ T Neck
The Free Movement – I Can’t Convince My Heart/ Decca
3 Stars – Jersey Slide/ Stang
Major Lance – Everything I Need/ Osirus
King Curtis – Jump Back/ ATCO
Syl Johnson – Bout To Make Me Leave Home/ Hi

The True Face of Jack the Ripper

Keep Diggin’!

4 responses to “Welcome Back with Damp Diggin’

  1. hey jamison. i have a nice batch set aside for you. an axelrod produced psych 45 by the phaetons, bustin’ out by joe cuba (the lp), augustus pablo, king tubby, & a slew of other stuff thats bin pilin’ up in yer box. saturdays are going to be hit or miss, but i will be out there fridays & sundays. i’m holding them for you. if you are ever in brick or point pleasant area, give a shout, come on up to the house.
    peace, dave

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