Karl Hector & the Malcouns – Sahara Swing

Karl Hector & the Malcouns – Sahara Swing from the upcoming Now-Again Records release Sahara Swing

Here we are at the end of another hectic week at FMF. No matter how hectic it gets, I know I have to keep getting the music out there, so when Havana Joe over at Stones Throw hit me off with an upcoming release, you know I have to come correct and bring the music to the masses. Most of the time here at FMF we focus on the old, keeping the best music never heard alive. That’s not to say that there aren’t people today making great music that sounds like it should have been for the years 1967-1974. That’s excitement to me, and I’m happy to bring some great stuff to you today. Here’s Karl Hector & the Malcouns with “Sahara Swing” on Now-Again/ Stones Throw Records, from the upcoming release of the same name. It hits the streets on 07.08.08.

Karl Hector & the Malcouns are a super group of musicians made up of Funk Pilots leader Karl Hector and Jay Whitefield (guitarist for the Whitefield Brothers and the Poets of Rhythm), and Malcouns founders Zdenko Curlija and Thomas Myland. Whitefield was also involved in previously in the now defunct Hotpie and Candy Records label. With Bo Baral ( of “Funky Sex Machine” and POR fame) on percussion, Wolfi Schick, ( sax, flute and bass clarinet), Ben Abarbanel-Wolff (tenor, baritone sax), Stu Krause (trumpet, valve trombone), and the aforementioned Whitefield (guitar) and Curlija and Myland (drum/ percussion and organ/ bass respectively) they were able to come up with a blazing full length. Their sound is rooted in Afro Funk, that along the way taps into sounds of Ethiopia, but doesn’t forget pieces of American Funk, African drums (on the Cymande tip), and many influences they all have picked up along their musical journeys.

This record is more proof why Stones Throw Records and it’s family of labels is a much needed shot of freshness in this otherwise stale music industry. Heavily flavored with the Afro sound , but filled with plenty of chunky Funk guitar, spooky organ, and a blazing back beat, “Sahara Swing” will keep you bumping whether you’re riding a camel in the desert reading some Paul Bowles (yeah we read here at FMF), or chilling out on a Summer night with your feet up and a cold beer in your hand. This track definitely contains elements of Kraut Rock and the spirit of Fela Kuti and Mulatu Astatke, as well the Godfather of Soul. Karl Hector & the Malcouns let go a steaming mixture of music for all that can appreciate rhythm. This is music the way it used to sound, the way it should sound today, and the way we will always serve it up here at Flea Market Funk. Please stay tuned for more Stones Throw Records releases in upcoming posts. We dig the sound, whether it’s East Coast Daptone or West Coast Stones Throw, this kind of music needs to be out there. I’m not forgetting the Midwest or even the Japanese, Australian, UK or European cats holding it down. If you have the music with the sound, and you know what sound I’m referring to, get it to me, and let’s keep all this music alive and kicking. See you Monday with another Guest DJ Series, this time my man Devil Dick will be holding it down with an all Psych mix here, and a sister mix to go along with it on The Devil’s Music. Keep Diggin’!

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