96 Degrees In the Shade

Weird Religious candle of a guy with a knife killing someone else. Only at the Spot!

For what feels like an August day in June, Summer has rolled in quickly. I was out at the Spot at 7:30, and between the haze and the heat, I didn’t want to stick around too much. I just wanted to go through some vinyl and get the hell out of Dodge. I ran into Jack the Ripper, Hell Bob, Psyche Dave, and my favorite pest Egg Beard in the same crates Johnny No Change has been lugging around for a month. If you like Polka music, these crates are all yours. I’ve cleaned them out pretty much of anything worthwhile. We moved around a bit, but this week The Old Man was not holding. The Pisane had a few pieces, but you know, the heat was brutal. I noticed an extra amount of religious garb, and even some hand written messages on paper in a clear plastic frame. People will sell anything, and I mean anything. As we were leaving, we saw Egg Beard in his little import car high tailing it out. For that guy to leave at 8:45am, there has to be something wrong. It wasn’t all a failure though, as I got out of The Spot without losing my shirt, and picked up a few little pieces that I’m happy showed up. I need to finish another podcast, as I probably have enough for about ten right now. Hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to get one out. Don’t forget the Guest Mix Series on Monday with the one and only Devil Dick. Here’s the scores for today if you’re counting:


First Man on the Moon Commemorative 45
Roger Collins – She’s Looking Good/ Galaxy
Mad Dog & the Pups – Funkey Monkey/ Magic City

Lps/ 12″

Sandy Nelson – Super Drums/ Imperial
Ramsey Lewis – Wade in the Water/ Cadet
Odetta – Sometimes I Feel Like Crying/ RCA
Digital Underground – Humpty Dance/ Tommy Boy
Snow – Informer/ East West
Fugees – The Score/ Columbia

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “96 Degrees In the Shade

  1. That IS a weird candle. However, the guy isn’t killing the other guy…he’s about to. It’s a depiction of the story of Abraham when he was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac but then God stopped him.

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