FMF Guest Mix Series: Devil Dick

Here is another installment of the FMF Guest Mix Series. This next selector is no stranger to digging, unsleeved 45’s, flea markets, or styrene. He is the former guitar player of banned from MTV band Godspeed, (here’s their Wiki entry as well), and current member of Solace, we instantly bonded over our shared love of good beer, coffee, and of course fuzzy 45’s. This guy has the best kept secret record collection in Central Jersey. When not being a super Dad, slaying heavy metal riffs, or making sweet soul mix tapes (yes I said tapes, as in cassettes), he put together a mix of his specialty genre: Psyche. It’s a bit of a stretch for the Flea Market Funk sound, but I assure you, this guy is an authority on it. Here’s what DD had to say about the mix, so enjoy!

“When I found out DJ Pres was doing this guest DJ mix thing I thought I’d put together a killer Fuzzy and Funky mix for him but when I talked to him on the phone he was all about getting some Psychedelic jams together…. I was more than happy to oblige.
It was pretty tough picking out the tunes in this mix because I could have gone on for days and days without stopping but I wanted to keep it brief and to the point and then I thought shit man, I have so many tunes I want to use why not do a sister mix!?! So I did!
I put together not 1 but 2 great sampling’s of late 60’s & early 70’s psychedelic music with some wicked fuzzy guitar tones mixed throughout, lot’s of killer organ work, some smooth but pumping bass lines and last but not least some trippy vocals and lyrics. Keep your dancing shoes under your bed for this one but bust out that bean bag chair from the attic and dust of your lava lamp, plug in you “Black Light”, break out your “sack” & burn, burn, burn!!!

1.) Star Trek Theme: For me this show really embodies the 60’s, when it really was all about exploration, exploration of body (love-in’s and free love) and mind (drugs, drugs, drugs!)
This show was trippy to my young and under developed mind. I really wanted to use the theme that has Kirk saying “To boldly go where no man has gone before” but couldn’t find it in my collection, but I thought this was a cool “intro” so to speak…. I dropped in a little excerpt from the John Peel “have a marijuana” LP for good measure at the end just in case you didn’t realize where this was all headed….

2.) Freak Scene: A Million Grains of Sand – This here is a rare one folks, from the album Psychedelic Psoul. This is quintessential extreme example of early experimental psych. Very obscure, so information is sparse but I think it came out quite early, in or around 67.

3.) Beacon Street Union: My Love – Part of the so-called “Bosstown Sound” (along with such groups as Ultimate Spinach, Orpheus, and Earth Opera), named for a street in their native Boston, whose original members were John Lincoln Wright (vocals, percussion), Paul Tartachny (guitar, vocals), Wayne Ulaky (bass, vocals), Robert Rhodes (keyboards, bass), and Richard Weisberg (drums). With the exception of a few rock standards, their diverse music was composed by group members, primarily Wright and Ulaky. Not a major rarity but a great cut non-the-less.

4.) SRC: Secret Destination – One of Detroit’s finest IMHO, Along with the Stooges, MC5, and the Amboy Dukes, SRC (Scott Richardson Chase) was a group of local heroes of the Michigan rock scene in the late ’60s and early ’70s, although in terms of national success, they were relegated to the second division populated by such bands as the Frost and the Rationals. This cut is from their second album from 1969 and man what a mover! Killer guitar work, crazy organ working behind the guitar and the vocal melodies and lyrics are tits! These guys just never got their just deserts.

5.) Aorta: Sleep Tight / Cataclyptic – I’ve posted these guys before in my lil’ blog before here: These 2 cuts are from their great and under rated self-titled album which is getting harder to find these days. Enjoy these tracks that all run together, strange sound collages, buzzy psychedelic guitar, and bizarre drug-induced lyrics.

6.) J.D. Blackfoot: The Ultimate Prophecy – I’ve also posted Mr. Blackfoot at The Devil’s Music before. A killer rare non-lp cut. Here is a killer trippy hippy guitar psych masterpiece from this American Indian from his 1st album of the same name.

7.) Tomorrow: Revolution – Another rare psych gem here from Britain released in 1968, recognized as Steve Howe´s pre-Yes band these guys along with the soft Machine and Pink Floyds were among London’s great psych bands. Most known for “My White Bicycle” this is an equally trippy ride, strap in!!!

8.) Blackfeather: At the Mountains of Madness – Blackfeather were from Down Under and are probably best known for the fact that Brain Johnson vocalist ( I dare not call him a “singer”) from AC/DC was in this band. He played the “recorder”…. I don’t think there is any recorder on this cut. Read all about them here: Blackfeather This is a mighty rare album unless your from “down under”…”

Download or Listen to: At the Mountains of Madness Pt. 1: A Psych Mix for Flea Market Funk by Devil Dick

So if you dig what is laying out here for your ears stop over to The Devil’s Music for the Twin of “At the Mountains of Madness Pt. 2”

Keep Diggin’!

5 responses to “FMF Guest Mix Series: Devil Dick

  1. That’s a hot looking mix.
    DD I think I have a picture of the Freak Scene if you ever need it.
    Pres, the hyperlink to DD’s blog is bad (extre characters).

  2. Larry, i’m glad you approve! and i’d love to see that FS pic!
    and Pres thanks for the kind words man, i hope your readers can get down…

  3. Great job Dickie! A real magic sugar cube of sound.
    Was that the 45 version of “Revolution”? I get mixed up about the LP & single version.

  4. Re Blackfeather’s At The Mountains of Madness, I think you will find that it Bon Scott of ACDC playing the recorder on Seasons of Change not Brian Johnson

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