Hazey, Hot, Humid Digging Morning

The boxes looked great but had completely shitty records in them, except 1.

It’s getting to crunch time here in NJ. By crunch time I mean record season. The Summer opens up a giant amount of people, vendors and vinyl pouring into The Spot. A lot of record guys come out, but if you don’t get here early, well, you’re kinda screwed. Number one, I have to beta the likes of Eggbeard and Stinkie Steve to anything and everything because these cats are notorious for scooping any interesting vinyl up. Although both of them have passed on straight heat on more than one occasions, and I have benefited from that. This morning i was to meet Larry from Funky 16 Corners , The JJB, and Devil Dick, who I shared a great sushi dinner and wine with the previous evening. DD and the JJB had an unforseen event to take care of, so that left Larry and I to have a run and the vinyl offerings. I got there a bit early, because I’m not gonna lie, I have been suffereing from insomnia for quite a while. I hit the Old Man up straight away. He sold me a few beat 45’s he had, just some common stuff, but what he did have for me was two mint pressings of John Coltrane on Impulse!. I am a huge Jazz nut, and I jump at the chance to get my hands on any original offerings that are out there. Larry and I finally connected and were browsing when Stinkie Steve was pulling his normal bullshit at a table. i went to go through some records and he’s saying, “That’s mine, that pile is mine”, all while spreading records out everywhere. I nipped that shit in the bud and exclaimed: “All of these are your records?”, as I pointed to the whole table. He actually didn’t bite for an argument, rather just gathered his mess and I went along digging. He lived up to his nickname this day as well. It was a mixture of a number 3 sub sandwich and 4 day old garbage, with a hint, just a hint, of a soiled infant’s diaper. Needless to say, we made tracks like Q-Tip losing his wallet in El Segundo. Johnny No Change had some good stuff, and a cat that has been here for the last couple of weeks, Smiley came through as well. Even though it was another bad 45 day, I still managed to get some great stuff.


The Soul Set featuring Norman Seldin – Live from the Village Purple Onion/ Johnson
Billy Eckstine – If She Walked Into My Life/ Stax
The Incredible Hulk – Black Chasm/ Peter Pan
Redd Foxx – Redd ’75/ MF Records
Little Lenny – Gun in A Baggy/ RAS
Various Artists – Super Soul/ Wand
John Coltrane – Ascension/ Impulse!
John Coltrane – Coltrane/ Impulse!
Bohannon – Keep On Dancing/ Dakar
Ramsey Lewis Trio – Upendo Ni Pamoja/ Columbia
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On/ Tamla

3 responses to “Hazey, Hot, Humid Digging Morning

  1. That picture just makes me remember that guy saying (at least four times) “Forty dollars for all of them! Forty dollars!”.
    I’m thinking, “Dude, if those shitty boxes were filled with krugerrands I wouldn’t give you forty dollars…”
    God digging though.

  2. damn, those coltrane lps were quite a find. i have a mint condition copy of ‘expressions’ on impulse! that i nabbed at a local record store about twelve years ago. that late-era coltrane is out there…very cool…

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