Guest Mix Series: Jason Perlmutter

Jason Perlmutter and Willie J. Randolph, producer of Paul Barton’s “So Very Hard To Make It” on the Carolina Funk compilation

I told you I had some surprises in store for this Guest Mix series. Here’s another one. Jason Perlmutter hails from Chapel Hill, NC. He spent 5 years putting together the Jazzman release Carolina Funk. A retrospective of the Funk scene in North and South Carolina, this record was hand picked by Perlmutter and Jazzman, it’s unprecedented and a fine example of the undocumented history of the genre in the Carolinas. Jason and I have been corresponding for a while, and I was delighted and honored to have him on board for this guest series. A guy like Jason is another example of what I strive to do here at Flea Market Funk. It’s all about preservation of the music, and most importantly sharing it to the masses while simultaneously spreading the word about these artists. Perlmutter has not just done that, but like Daptone, Now-Again, and others, has given these long lost artists a second chance. Their discovery by an entire new generation of beat heads, record diggers, DJ’s, and Funk appreciators has not only given them a new found fame, but financial rewards they truly deserve after all these years. His new offering, Carolina Funk, First In Funk documents rare and unreleased funk recordings made in the Carolinas in the 1960s and 1970s, and is available on Jazzman UK/ Now-Again Records. Get into the groove here at FMF and dig the sounds of the Carolinas as dug up Jason Perlmutter and Company. Enjoy!

Reggie Saddler Revue – Just Wait And See
Willie Hobbs – Yes, My Goodness, Yes
Nick Allen – Hard Way To Go
J Young B Hill – It’s Got Soul
Dynamite Singletary – Super Good
Essence Of Life – Walking In My Shadow
Soulfull Strutters – Let Your Feelings Go
Black Smoke Band – I’ll Keep Searching
Soul Aces – You’re Different
Ikhlas – Sing La La La
Time Zone Band – Traveling Through My Mind
Al-Dos Band – Doing Our Thing With Pride
RIP – I’m Trying
ASAP Band – Giving In
Ice – Hey, Hey
Frazelle – Today Is The Day
Brief Encounter – Human
Larry Connor – Cold Day

Download or Listen to Jason Perlmutter from Carolina Funk Guest Mix for Flea Market Funk

5 responses to “Guest Mix Series: Jason Perlmutter

  1. I got to say I have downloaded every mix…Haven’t been disapointed yet! booya!

  2. hey Pres, well done once again…i have a copy of that Carolina Funk – First In Funk comp, and, as JB himself might say “it’s a mother”. (Although we here in Dayton KNOW who is first in funk, and in flight!)

    solid – take it easy brotha.

  3. hey prestige! your guest mix series is really amazing. loads and loads of heavy hitting tunes. thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. mike

  4. Thanks for the Carolina Soul mix from Jason Perlmutter. I recently saw a writeup about his Carolina Funk mix in a magazine and now I see what all the excitement is about. The Reggie Sadler Review is probably my fave of this set but the others are excellent also. THanks for sharing.

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