Ron Holden – I Need Ya

Download or Listen to Ron Holden – I Need Ya from the Now Records 45

Fresh of Vinyl Record Appreciation Day, I bring you a little 45 I picked up sometime ago at an Asbury Lanes Record Show. Larry from Funky 16 Corners and I were digging through some bad crates and he found it, and since he had a copy, he passed it on to me. The crew from AP 45 Sessions is good liek that, we like to share the wealth and knowledge for sure. Before I get into this side, I wanna shout out my main man and Empire Supporters Club brother in arms, Shawn from The Offside Rules. He gave FMF a major shout out the other day. In fact, we were hanging at the NY Red Bulls/ DC United match (where the Red Bulls whooped up on United 4-1) with all the other ESC 101 members and my buddy DJ from the Bouncing Souls. Check out the article here. Now let’s get into Ron Holden with “I Need Ya” on Now Recordsfrom 1973.

Ron Holden was born in Seattle, Washington in 1939. Allegedly Holden’s career was jump started after he was arrested for drinking and driving and marijuana possession. The arresting officer was Larry Nelson, who had a record label called Nite Owl on the side. Holden would call him up and record “Love You So” in 1960, where it would be sold to Donna Records shortly after. It would make it to number 7 on the pop charts in the same year. Full length records were released on Donna, and then re-released on Del-Fi some 30 plus years later. It would be pretty much on the money to say that Holden didn’t have much success after his first big break, as singles would not chart as high as his original record. Sources say he would disappear, only to resurface for this 1973 record I’ve got today. I did manage to dig up another record while doing research. It’s listed as Ron Holden and the Thunderbirds, on Donna titled “Who Say There Ain’t No Santa Claus”. If anyone can confirm this, that would be great.

“I Need Ya” is a great upbeat funky side. Besides the ever present hi-hat and driving beat, the bass line carries this baby all the way home. If people were dismissing Ron Holden from his previous success on the charts because he wasn’t charting high, they were very wrong on his abilities. Holden still had it 15 years later. He could belt this song out and was backed by a pretty tight outfit IMHO. Holden gives it to ya on this one folks, so get it while you can. Keep Diggin’!

6 responses to “Ron Holden – I Need Ya

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  2. I’m ron holden’s son! please contact my for any info you my want on his records.he has many, many other records out there. maybe 15 or 20 other tracks. thanks

  3. I am glad you found “I Need Ya”, but Ron has many singles and an albumn in circulation. I have most of them. Ron also had a wonderful music career of over 40 yrs. He was performing up to the day of his death in 1997. If you want correct information on Ron Holden, please contact his family via e-mail or
    Thank you,
    The Family of Ron Holden

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