Bill Cosby – Get Out My Life Woman

Download or Listen to Bill Cosby – Get Out My Life Woman from the Warner Brothers LP

Well here it is a Monday morning and Flea Market Funk is back in full swing. I’m slowly recovering from the first full day of the English Premiership League as well as a New York Red Bull clash with Tornoto FC. More importantly, I wanted to thank the people who pointed out the faulty mp3 that got loaded up. I am going to do my best and reup that file as soon as I can. What I have up for review today, is a little piece of Funky North Philly from a man who brought you Fat Albert, Jello Pudding Pop commercials, and those God awful Coogi sweaters. Here’s Bill Cosby with “Get Out My Life Woman” from the Lp Hooray For the Salvation Army Band and Other Grooves on Warner Brothers.

The Cos has made no bones about his love for music through out his acting career. A huge Jazz buff, who besides tackling stand up, television, movies, and comedy records, decided he would try his hand at singing. His initial release of Silver Throat on Warner Brothers enlisted the hand picked Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd St. Band, as well as this record. It was produced by Fred Smith (who also produced the Watts 103rd St. band as well) to give the record a sound and feel of the band’s previous recordings. On a whole, this record is dominated by the band, as Cos hoots, hollers, and screams his way through a variety of covers and the band just kills it. Don’t get me wrong, the Cos does hit the spot on a few grooves, and the guy has some Funk to give, but he’s much better in comedy. I had always seen Cos records out in the field, and the only 45 I could ever find was Funky North Philly, or the Quincy Jones full length with Hicky Burr on it. By the way, I once saw The Otis Funkmeyer Band do an all covers set in Brooklyn that included this tune. Good on them.

Break heavy, Cos’s rendition of “Get Out My Life Woman” is a definitely a great cover. The addition of a sweet organ and the back up singers make this side another favorite of FMF. More than just a novelty record, Cos is giving it a real go on the tune. He’s a bit monotone, but it’s definitely better than his Mrs. Robinson impression on the Family Guy. I gotta give this guy a hand, that with all his philandering, honorary doctorate accepting, the Brown Hornet, and bad taste in sweaters, he could hand pick a kick ass band and do a great cover of a classic. Keep Diggin!

3 responses to “Bill Cosby – Get Out My Life Woman

  1. Word on Bill Cosby. I just heard a great story about him, Michael Jordan, and a couple of other African-American luminaries each chipping in $10000 to bail a certain famous jazz drummer out of Japanese prison for attempting to sneak a certain illegal substance onto that fine island.

    So, I read your blog daily and love it, and clearly you’re the man to ask this question: I’m coming to NYC for two days this week (thurs/fri) and want to do some digging for soul/organ jazz stuff mostly. I’ve done some internet research but nothing beats an insider’s opinion. Where should I go?

    Many thanks.

  2. Cos gave the speech @ my college grad from Temple. Here it is: “If Nelson Mandela can spend 27 years in prison and then become president of South Africa, then you sure as hell can get a damn job!”

    Ooh and I have a (beat but playable) Hicky Burr 45!

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