Los Angeles Negros – Sombras De Tu Recuerdo

Download or Listen to Los Angeles Negros – Sombras De Tu Recuerdo from the UA Latin Lp Con Todo Mi Amor.

I’ve been a bit busy this week, pulling out records for a Guest Mix at Double K’s new makeover of Parkdale Funk. I also went to check out comedian Lewis Black in NYC. If you guys aren’t down with him, I’d say: get familiar. Black’s intense, honest, and cutting criticism of politics and life are incredible. This paired up with some good food at Da Silvano in the West Village, made for an enjoyable night and day off. It was while I was getting the records together for Double K, that I pulled out this very record. I know it’s a bit of a change, but come on, who doesn’t like some Latin music? Here’s the Los Angeles Negros with “Sombras De Tu Recerdo” from the UA Latino Lp Con Todo Mi Amor from 1973.

Formed in 1968 in Chile, the members Germaín de la Fuente, Mario Gutiérrez, Cristian Blasser, Federico Blasser, and Sergio Rojas would go on to win a radio contest. The result of winning that contest was their first record, ¿Por Qué Te Quiero?. This first set of The Black Angels released a few more records, including this one and Y Volvere. The band itself has been sampled by The Beastie Boys, Busta Rhymes, Sage Francis, The Beat Nuts, and more. Apparently, during the mid 70’s, Nicolás Oliva retained the name Los Angeles Negros after the band kind of fizzled out. He revived the name and the band (with different members) and went on to release a string of records up until the present day.

The original band itself, was know to be funky at times, and for their combinaton of traditional Bolero music and Psychedelic Funk and Soul. “Sombras De Tu Recerdo”. This song starts out with some great traditional guitar, but soon drops into a psychedelic style bass line and a steady drum beat. While the traditional guitar fades a bit, it soon returns as this side chugs along. It’s not a dark tune, but the guitar part is what really caught my attention. It has a unique sound to me, and I’m a bit obsessed with it at the moment. I will be including this tune on the Parkdale Funk mix i’m doing, as well as some other stuff you may or may not be familiar with. I hope you dug this off the beaten path Latin gem I dusted off for a Wednesday. Keep Diggin’!

5 responses to “Los Angeles Negros – Sombras De Tu Recuerdo

  1. hi Prestige! Congrats to your site! Just writing this up to tell that its Recuerdo instead of Recerdo. Recuerdo is in spanish something like Reminiscents or Memories. Sombras de tu Recuerdo would be Shades of yours Memory.

    Keep the good job up!
    Best regards from Rio

  2. Wow! Thanx for the post! Los Angeles Negros have a kind of cult group instead of the dark and soul and latin touch. Thanx again.

  3. Info:


    Guitar: Mr Mario Gutierrez
    Bass: Mr Nano Concha
    Drums: Mr Luis Ortiz
    Organ: Mr Jorge Gonzalez Evans (Farfisa Profesional + Leslie 925)

    Saludos Frm Santiago, Chile

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