Guest Mix: Mr. Fantastic – Soundtrack To A Bank Job

Hot off the heels of my Guest DJ Mix Series here at FMF came an e mail from Mr. Fantastic. He said he liked Flea Market Funk so much, and was appreciative of the downloads and mixes I put on here, that he wanted to contribute. How can I say no to that? What he brought to the table, no pun intended, is no less than fantastic! If my fave Brit gangster movie maker Guy Richie made Bank Job movies (Oh wait he did!) and movies not about his tarty soon to be ex-wife flailing away on the Italian shores, any of these songs would fit in. In fact, they are all from great movies and have fit in perfectly before. I have to say, I really appreciate someone taking the time to put together such a great mix for me here at FMF. I’m glad someone appreciates all that goes into this site and wants to give back. Thanks Mr. Fantastic! Please enjoy and give him a shout out, he deserves it!

Soundtrack To A Bank Job Track List

Alan Tew – Road Runner
Orchestre Tany Turens – Autoroute A Peage
John Gregory – Kojak
Lalo Schifrin – Bullitt
Ralph Carmichael – Switchblade Theme
Mikis Theodorakis – On The Streets (arr. Bob James)
Isaac Hayes – Pursuit of the Pimpmobile
J.J. Johnson – Willie Chase
Blackbyrds – One Gun Salute
Rhythm Heritage – Theme from S.W.A.T
Les Baxter – Hogin Machine
Les Baxter – Hot Wind
Isaac Hayes – Run Fay Run
Johnny Pate – You Can’t Even Walk In The Park
Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa
Quincey Jones – Money Runner
Dennis Coffey – Theme from Blackbelt Jones
Badder Than Evil – Hot Wheels
Don Julian – Theme From Savage
Alan Tew – The Heist
Geoff Love – Three Days of the Condor

Download or Listen To Mr. Fantastic – Soundtrack To A Bank Job, A Guest Mix for Flea Market Funk

PS: For all of you who are trying to access my mixes in the Downloads Section, I apologize. Z Share has been down for a few days. If this continues, I may pull all of them off of there and get them on my server. Thanks for the patience.

5 responses to “Guest Mix: Mr. Fantastic – Soundtrack To A Bank Job

  1. I repeat: jammed with nice breaks and grooves. Thanks for this! Just heard a break inspired by “funky drummer.”

  2. far and away the best mix i’ve heard for a long long while, mr fantastic lives up to his name and absolutely smashes it!!! thankyou fmf, peace

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