Mandrill – Mango Meat

Download or Listen to Mandrill – Mango Meat from the Polydor Lp Just Outside of Town from 1973

Before I get started with this Monday’s selection, I need to give a shout out to a few people. First of, Marc from SOB’s in NYC. He’s hooked me up with a gig opening up for the Budos Band on November 13th. Flyer at the bottom of this post. Also a huge shout out to the NY Red Bulls who reached the conference finals of the MLS Cup by ousting 2 time champs Houston Dynamo. Last but not least a shout to Robbie Keane of my boys, Liverpool, who finally scored (two great looking goals) and made all Scousers realize why he’s worth all the money. There is a lot going on in the Flea Market Funk world these days, so let’s get into Mandrill, and “Mango Meat” from the Polydor Lp Just Outside of Town.

Formed in 1968 by the Wilson brothers (originally from Panama) in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY, Mandrill had put their time in rehearsing at their Mom’s hair salon before making moves. Their own mixture of Caribbean music, Blues, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Rock, and Psychedelic jams would stand out amongst the many bands coming out at the time. Influencing bands such as Parliament-Funkadelic, this close knit band with a family feel would go on to spread their message from NYC to Brazil and Morocco. Carlos, Ric,and Lou (trombone, sax, and trumpets and vocals respectively), joined forces with guitarist Omar Mesa, drummer Charlie Prado, keyboardist Claude “Coffee” Cave, and bassist Bundie Cenas to release their first self title Lp in 1970. What would follow would be eight or so Lps, a handful of 7″ and 12″, as well as a place on a soundtrack (The Greatest Soundtrack). The band would shift members around (at one time losing almost everyone except the original three), but stillmanage to put out records like this one, their biggest hit “Fence Walk”, “Git It All”, and “Ape Is High” among others.

With it’s horns, and Latin influences, “Mango Meat” is a sure fire winner here at Flea Market Funk. I remember getting a cut out promo copy of this Lp, complete with a press type junket inside of it that advertised the Lp, Cassette, and 8 track. The wah-wah guitar and ever present horns, plus the killer percussion, bassline, and keyboards can not be denied. Of course this side was sampled by The Jungle Brothers in “Straight Out The Jungle”, and DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist put their own touch on it (even if it was just for a few seconds) 45 style on the Brainfreeze CD and DVD. I’d say that this record, even though it wasn’t their greatest hit, it is definitely a great representation of the eclectic styles of Mandrill. As Kanye says: “Damn they don’t make them like this any more!” Keep Diggin’!

Flyer for the Budos Band Show at SOB’s on 11.13

DJ Prestige spinning 45’s before, inbetween sets and after the show!

New Party Alert!

2 responses to “Mandrill – Mango Meat

  1. I first heard Mandrill about ten years ago on some, unfortunately, short lived AM radio station in Richmond, VA that played only 60’s and 70’s SOUL and FUNK. The tune I heard that day was Fencewalk and of course it just killed me. I immediately went and picked up a best of comp and never looked back. Mango Meat is definitely one of their baddest tunes as well.

    I LOVE the tag line on the ‘Get Down’ flyer, “Great Drinks, No Drama!” Cracked me up. Nice one Pres!!

    All the best my Brutha!!

    Peace and SOUL,

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