Tomorrow Night NYC: The Budos Band @ SOB’s NYC

Ok kids, it’s a short midweek post, but sometimes short and sweet is what you need. Tomorrow night, the mighty Budos Band will be playing a gig at SOB’s in NYC. I am lucky enough to be playing with them once again. For those of you who are not familiar with them, check out their biography. These guys graced the stage at The 4th and Kingsley Soul Club’s inaugural night, blowing minds with their own brand of super charged Afro Soul. That night was a night of great people and great music. I expect nothing less from this night as well. At a venue like SOB’s, who have been around for 25 years, this show should be off the hook. The Doors are at 9, and the band goes on at 10. I will be spinning Deep Funk and Raw Soul 45s throughout the night, so if you’re in the vicinity, I’d love to see you. Friday, I have a special treat here at FMF from Mike over at This Is Tomorrow. See You then. Keep Diggin’!

Here’s some more Budos Band links for you to check out:

Budos Band MySpace

Budos Band Website

PS: Don’t forget my new Friday Night party called The Get Down!

2 responses to “Tomorrow Night NYC: The Budos Band @ SOB’s NYC

  1. Dude!
    I left my cell phone home this morning by accident! Just wanted to touch base w/ you and let you know I aint gonna make it tonight but have a killer time!

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