The Keystones feat. Malcolm Catto – Double Dutch

Connie Price & the Keystones Photo Courtesy of Ubiquity Records

Malcolm Catto Photo Courtesy of Mr. Mass

Download or Listen to The Keystones feat. Malcolm Catto – Double Dutch from the Now Again Ep Blood’s Haul OST

Good midweek to all the FMF peeps. I have been a bit under the weather as of late, but I wanted to talk about a record that I’ve been digging a bunch as of late. This record, upon first listen could have been recorded in 1971. Even taking a look at the record cover looks like something Guy Ritchie stole for props from a B movie from the same year. Here’s The Keystones featuring Malcom Catto with “Double Dutch” from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the faux movie Blood’s Haul.

When I first heard of this band, or Connie Price and the Keystones, I was excited that there was a new lady on the scene. Imagine my surprise when I found out the real truth. The Keystones are the brainchild of LA music veteran/ producer Dan Ubik, who played multi instruments on the first record, and trumpter/ arranger Todd Simon (Breakestra). 2004 brought Blood’s Haul on Now Again, which was followed up by the all instrumental and well received Wildflowers. BH was an Ep, and Sticks and Stones followed again in 2005. By the time 2008 rolled around, CPATK had a revolving door of LA music scene players doing duty along side Ubik and Simon, and landed them on the ever present and respectable Ubiquity Records. They would go on to back up Hip Hop legends such as Big Daddy Kane and Brand Nubian, plus release 12″s and collaborations with Scion, who have been putting together dope DJ tours as well as Hip Hop stars all around the world for a minute now. It’s fitting that they would collaborate with Malcom Catto on this side. Malcolm Catto is an all around monster: drummer, producer, Funk afficianado. He’s got a long resume and has been know to collaborate with the likes of Keb Darge, Jazzman Gerald, DJ Shadow, James Lavelle, and the list goes on. Like I said, an all around monster who deserves much credit. His involvement as of late with the Heliocentrics and Stones Throw Records further illustrates the point.

“Double Dutch”, as I mentioned earlier, could have easily been recorded in the early part of the 70’s. It’s almost got a bit of Afro Beat feel to it, and Catto’s heavy sound is obvious throughout. The horn section reminds me of some old Ethiopiques, and this coupled with that heavy 4 on the floor make this side a definite keeper. See you at the end of the week. Shout out to Havana Joe from Stones Throw for hooking me up with this side. Keep Diggin’!

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