Beastie Boys – She’s On It

Download or Listen To The Beastie Boys – She’s On It from the Def Jam 12″ on the Krush Groove OST.

Every once in a while I throw you a curve ball here, and today is the day. I’ve really been fighting this Flu bug going around, so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet. My man Dunny over at Bumpy Pitchand The Original Winger turned me on to this show. It’s called Under the Influence, and it’s all Beasties Tribute art show. It takes place at Gallery 1988 in LA, and seriously, it’s way cool. Anyone that knows me knows I ride hard for the B-Boys. Ad Rock even ordered a pair of Wu wear Wullabes from us one time at my job. He signed the package from UPS Rick Cerrone. I went nuts. These guys are straight up innovators: from License to Ill to To the 5 Boroughs, they’ve done it all. From Frat Boy, beer swilling goons to refined instrumental musicians, who to this day have not forgot their Hip Hop roots, it’s only fitting that over 100 artists pay tribute to them. I figured I’d tie in the show and a side I scored back when I was in high school. I remember playing this on this shitty Sears turntable/ cassette/ tuner combo that was on my dresser. I inherited it from a friend who had moved from Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Hardcore to this new band: Guns and Roses. So here’s an extra treat. Check out the Beastie Boys from the Krush Groove Soundtrack with “She’s On It” from 1985. Enjoy and Keep Diggin’!

Art from The Under The Influence Show

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