Mayer Hawthorne and The County – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

Well here we are, it’s ’09, we have as the late great JB said: ” a brand new funky president”, and I have in my hands a record I have tried to get my hands on for a while. Shout out to Havana Joe at Stones Throw Records for hooking me up with a copy. I found this record to be really unique in today’s mostly pile of crap that comes out of most record company’s rosters. Not that everything is really bad, but let’s face it, if I hear a god damn vocoder one more time in a song I’m gonna scream. I’m serious. Here’s Mayer Hawthorne and The County with “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” on Stones Throw Records.

Straight outta Ann Arbor,MI, crazy instrumentalist called Mayer, from the group called the County (formerly the County Commisioners). Ok I got a little carried away there (I still have some NWA flowing through my head after a gig this weekend). Another band, really one guy, who is taking the Funk and Soul scene by storm. A self taught musician, an appreciator of the Detroit sound and Motown DIMY (do it mostly yourself) work ethic, Hawthorne was singed by honcho Peanut Butter Wolf after only hearing two songs. Influenced by such notables as Curtis Mayfield, Leroy Huston, Barry White, and Smokey Robinson among others, Mayer has not only caught the eye of PBW, but BBC 1’s Gilles Peterson and Mark Ronson. This effort, has been called equal parts Smokey Robinson and J-Dilla. That’s a pretty big compliment for a guy’s first effort of making music and producing as well. When I first heard this I really freaked out. It’s as good as something coming out and any of the Midwest labels during the early 70’s: Burt’s, Way Out, or dare I say Curtom? I just did. Influenced by Mayfield, you can see why.

Now once again, I don’t ask for you to buy too much here at FMF. Hell, I give mostly everything away. In this instance, I’m saying, if you dig new artists like Mayer Hawthorne who put out and record like they did back in the day, then you won’t mind getting this side for $1.98 by downloading it off the Stones Throw site. Tell ’em FMF sent you. Keep this music alive people, and support these record labels that are doing the same. Keep Diggin’!

4 responses to “Mayer Hawthorne and The County – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

  1. I also ended up getting this on vinyl from Germany. Postage cost twice as much as the disc, but it was so worth it!

  2. Just sayin, Why is he eating a chili dog with a fork?

    oh yeah, the album’s really good.

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