Myron & E with The Soul Investigators – Cold Game

Download or Listen To Myron & E with The Soul Investigators – Cold Game from the Timmion Records 45

I still have this flu bug so I apologize for being a bit dodgy with the posts over the last few days. It’s got the best of me, and that combined with Friday and Saturday gigs and a full time job during the week has got me a bit sluggish. Not to worry though, my mailbox has been blowing up with a ton of newer releases and shout outs from Funk and Soul guys from the four corners of the world. Big shout out to DJ Ceil out of Slovakia, who is doing his thing and doing it well. Give him a shout out and check out some mixes he has for free. Another new member of the FMF family keeping this music alive. Speaking of music from around the world, I got a little piece of goodness from the cats over at Timmion Records out of Helsinki, Finland. They have some hot fire ish with Myron and E with the Soul Investigators and “Cold Game” on their Timmion Records imprint.

The Soul Investigators are already established in this Funk and Soul game, starting out in 1998 and never looking back. This Helsinki, Finland band has put out sides on Invada, the now defunct Soul-Fire (as the label’s first 45), Jive, Nite-Club, and now Timmion. Working with greats Herb Johnson, Ernie Hawks, Big Joe Louis, and teaming up with siren voiced Nicole Willis, the Soul Investigators have proved themselves in this music game. Myron Glasper’s life is reflected through his music. Working with artists such as Blackalicious, DJ Mike Relm, Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab and others, his success and failures can be heard right in his music he releases. E (or E Da Boss) is a DJ and producer, while younger was influenced by Mark the 45 King’s work ethic and search for the perfect beat through dusty grooves and out of print sides. Djing for a whole slew of artists on Quannum, he’s manned the decks for Blackalicious, Gift of Gab, Jennifer Johns, Lateef the Truth Speaker, and Bicasso of Living Legends among others. Both of these talented cats make their singing and co-producing debut with Timmion.

“Cold Game” is fucking up my world right now as we speak. I’m instantly transported back into the late 60’s: strings, harmonies, some crazy organ work, plenty of heart ache,and of course a MONSTER drum break. It’s all a Soul record should be and more. The Soul Investigators are t-i-g-h-t tight. For some Hip Hop cats Myron & E have done their homework in digging for records, picking the right backing band, and straight killing it on the vocals. Look for this record HEAVY in my upcoming mixes and live 45 Sessions. Big shout to all these cats holding it down and making music this way. Also, big announcement:

Larry Grogan and I will be taking a small version of the 45 Sessions on the road in March to Washington, DC (03/06) and Richmond, VA (03/07). The next Asbury Park 45 Sessions is on February 20th. Stay tuned for more details. Keep Diggin’!

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