The Soul Investigators – Home Cooking Part 1

Download or Listen to The Soul Investigators – Home Cooking Part 1 from the Timmion Records 45

This week might be all about short posts, unfortunately. With the 45 Sessions approaching on Friday, and a back log of Guest Mixes to do, my free time will be in the studio here in Asbury Park rather than in front of FMF’s office. However, I’m happy to announce that for the next three weeks, I will be featuring The Soul Investigators once a week here at Flea Market Funk for the next three weeks. The good people over at Timmion hooked me up with their very limited edition releases of never released The Soul Investigators 7″s, straight out of the home of Santa Claus. That’s Finland for those of you not in the know. The Soul Investigators and Timmion celebrate their 10+ years on the scene, making great records, even if they are just on the radar of Funk and Soul collectors. This doesn’t matter, hopefully, like any good music (or any great Funk and Soul 45’s), it won’t take 20 years for them to get their due. I’m gonna give them their props right here, right now. Funk coming out of anywhere, if it’s good, needs to be shared, and I am hoping if you weren’t familiar with these guys, you will be now. I’ve given a short background about them with their collaboration on the 7″ “Cold Game” with Myron & E here. Enjoy The Soul Investigators and “Home Cooking Part 1” on Timmion Records.

Issued previously or not, this band is a force to be reckoned with as far as any band goes. Channeling the spirit of the Meters, Booker T. and the MG’s, James Brown & extended family, plus (insert organ band here) heavy Hammond goodness thrown in make The Soul Investigators exactly what this Funk and Soul game need. I’m proud to feature these guys on FMF, and maybe if they get back to the States we can set up a show. Get at me guys!

If you like what you here, please pick them up on the Timmion website.

Also, I’m in the process of making up a four part sticker series, honoring some great musicians in the 4 genres I focus on here at FMF: Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Reggae. The first will be Jazz, and Jimmy Smith. Once the series of 4 is complete, I’m gonna offer the Limited Edition (Only 500 pieces of each) Stickers for sale as a set. I will keep you posted. Here’s a sample of sticker one I got sent today:

Keep Diggin’!

Also: Don’t forget the Asbury Park 45 Session this Fridat at the World Famous Asbury Lanes:

3 responses to “The Soul Investigators – Home Cooking Part 1

  1. my god man, what a blog you’re running here !!! been reading for hours. keep up the EXCELLENT work.

  2. The first rift sounds like “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” or like the Hank Ballard’s version “How You Gonna Get Respect”; but sounds great.


    Thanks for you deep digging. While you keep diggin’, I keep listenin’

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