Friday June 12th: Asbury Park 45 Sessions LIVE!

Well, it’s that time again folks. If you like Funk and Soul spun on all 45’s, well then you will have to motivate and get out to the World Famous Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ. I have been doing this party with the 45 Sessions crew for 2 years, and it just keeps getting stronger. Where else in NJ are you going to get to hear the foundations of today’s music spun on vinyl, let alone on 45? Stop getting all excited that Scion has DJ’s with 45’s, we’ve been doing it for over two years strong, right in your back yard! The usual suspects will all be out bringing you the best in Deep funk, Raw Soul, and other surprises, all on 7″. So walk, run, drive, hitch hike, or however you can down to the Lanes. It’s only $5. Support your local Funk and Soul DJ. The Asbury 45 Sessions is preserving Funk and Soul, one 45 at a time. To see what kinds of stuff we spin, do a search for “45 Sessions” in the box to the lower left. Keep Diggin! Hope to see you out.

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