06.12.09 45 Sessions Recap

Some dub plates make their first appearance at the 45 Sessions!

When I think back about the very beginning of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions, I never thought that almost into our third year, we’d be going strong like this. I knew that there was some interest, but as I surveyed the crowd from the stage before and after I played, I saw many familiar faces. It makes me happy to think that 6 to 8 guys, who have a deep love for this Funk and Soul music can introduce people to records, songs, and artists that really have been (for the most part) forgotten for untalented hacks that have to use auto tune. That rant will have to be for another post. Here’s what went down: I got a call from Juicy Jenn of the Asbury Lanes who told me that number one, there was a newspaper coming to cover our night, and two, VH-1 was in town. Apparently the foggy weather had messed up their reason for being here, so she gave them the option to film whatever they had to do at the Lanes. While the newspaper photog did show up (photos, links to the websites etc. to follow), VH-1 did not. Despite our almost brush with the channel that brought us Rock of Love, we still pressed on. Larry from Funky 16 Corners, as always, brought through some heavy 7″, and started the Sessions out right. Next up was DJ Bluewater who had some, gulp, Wanda Davis in his bag of tricks, and even threw in some funky Disco to move the crowd. I wanted to mix it up a bit more than my usual heavy Funk bag by throwing in some Wilson Pickett (I’m on a Pickett kick these days). M.Fasis, as always, let us in in the genius mind of NJ’s best unknown beat maker. His record will be out soon (he’s about 3 cuts in), and you know I will be featuring it on FMF. Closing the night, after being the head chef all day at an upscale Jersey Shore restaurant about an hour away, was DJ Prime-Mundo. When he dropped the remix of David McCallum’s “The Edge”, it was game over. People were scrambling for pencils and pads because they needed that record. All in all, I’m proud of the guys, and I’m proud of what we have turned the 45 Sessions into. There is another Session in mid August, where hopefully I will have a DJ that is humble, but has a fantastic amount of 7″s. Stay tuned. Here are some photos and DJ set lists as they come in.

Thanks for the t-shirt Mr. Longo!
DJ Prestige Set List

Lou Courtney – Hey Joyce/ Pop-Side
Foxy – Trouble/ Double Shot
Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet Songs/ Tramp
The DT6 – (Theme From) The Baden Persuader/ Starla
Wilson Pickett – Soul Dance Number Three/ Atlantic
Mickey and the Soul Generation – Iron Leg/ Maxwell
The Soul Investigators – Brown Sauce/ Timmion
Inez Foxx – Watch the Dog (That Brings the Bone)/ Volt
James Brown – My Thang/ Polydor
Rufus Thomas – Itch & Scratch Part II/ Stax x 2
Skorpyons of Jamaica – Think About It/ Dynamite Soul
The Johnny Otis Show – The Watts Breakaway/ Epic
Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band – Taurus/ Sussex
Gene Chandler – No Peace No Satisfaction/ Checker
Danny Delaney – Stop and Think/ Palmetto
Lavell Hardy – Don’t Lose Your Groove/ Rojac
Don Gardner – My Baby Likes To Booglaoo
Mr. Percolator – Got A Think For You Baby/ Wax-Wel
The Village Callers – Hector/ Rampart
The Fabulous Emotions – Funky Chicken/ Nico
Johnny Jones & the King Casuals – Soul Poppon’/ Brunswick
The Meters – Here Comes the Meter Man/ Josie
Lee Fields & the Expressions – My World/ Truth and Soul

Funky 16 Corners came through again with some heat.

Funky 16 Corners Set List

Dixie Cups – Two Way Poc-a-way (ABC/Paramount)
Jimmie Preacher Ellis – Put Your Hoe to My Row (Round)
Bar-Kays – Give Everybody Some (Volt)
Scatman Crothers – Golly Zonk!(It’s Scatman) (HBR)
JJ Barnes – Day Tripper (Ric-Tic)
Fabulous Emotions – Number One Fool (Nico)
Otis Goodwin – Mini Skirts (Walker-Reeder)
Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul (King)
Gene Chandler – In My Body’s House (Checker)
Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze (Canyon)
Exotics – Boogaloo Investigator (Excello)
Gunga Din – Crab Cakes (Valise)
Meiko Hirota – On a Sorrowful Day (Columbia)
Lulu – Love Loves to Love (Epic)
Baby Huey & the Babysitters – Mighty Mighty Children Pt2 (Curtom)
ST-4 – Funky (Scepter)
Charles Brinkley – In the Pocket (Music Machine)
Eldridge Holmes – The Book (Deesu)
Little Royal & the Swingmasters – Razor Blade (Trius)
Freddie Scott & the Four Steps – Same Ole Beat (Marlin)
Johnny Otis Show – Country Girl (Kent)
Etta James – Tighten Up Your Own Thing (Cadet)
Rumplestiltskin – Rumplestiltskin (Bell)

DJ Bluewater got heavy with some new scores.

DJ Bluewater Set List
Lefties Soul Connection – Have Love Will Travel
The Stance Brothers – Youth Groove
Judson Moore – Everybody Push And Pull
Soul Fantastic – Funky Puggin
York Wilborn – Thank You
Menahan Street Band – The Wolf
Bobby Darin – Song For A Dollar
Willie Johnson – Lay It On Me
Wanda Davis – Save Me
Communicators & Black Experience Band – The Road
Henry Peters – Master Groove
Fred Williams – Tell Her
Paul Burton – So Very Hard To Make It
Sidney Owens – Sputnik
Lee Fields – Problems
The Mohawks – Landscape
Avant House Band – Scorpio
Kings Go Forth – Don’t Take My Shadow
Dojo Cuts – See and Don’t See

M.Fasis let us into the records behind his beats.

M.Fasis Set List
Sandy Nelson – Teen Beat
Rene de Marie – Triste Janero
Main Ingredient – Happiness is Just…
Mother Lode – Hard Life
Cymande – Zion I
Latimore – There’s No End
Pearl Mixed Co. – Have You Had Any
Johnny Taylor – Who’s Makin’ Love
Frankie Lee – I’m Makin’ Love
Gene Ammons – Jungle Strut
Genesis – I Know What I Like
Black Ivory – Our Future
Mills & Co. – If Only I Could
James Brown – I Can’t Stand Myself
Archie Bell – I Can’t Stop Dancing

Fear and Prime Mundo in Asbury Park.

DJ Prime Setlist
sister janet mead – the lord’s prayer (a+m)
sir latimore brown – shake & vibrate (sound stage)
marva whitney – things got to get better (king)
isley brothers – keep on doin’ (t neck)
willie tell & the overtures – kick-back (chess)
mocambo – the next message (next message)
kc & the sunshine band – i get lifted (tk)
pieces of a dream – mt. airy groove (elektra)
mophono – the edge
jimmy bee – the outside man (ala)
paul kelly – soul flow (happy tiger)
fantasy funk band – dr rubberfunk (fantasy)
manu dibango – weya (atlantic)
greenwood rhythm section – salsa verde
sergio mendes – for what it’s worth (a+m)
phil flowers – like a rolling stone (a+m)
gi gi – daddy love (sweet)
kenny fickens – you got it (tarx)
willie west – hello mama (deesu)
pat kelly – if it don’t work out (randy’s)
lee scratch perry – kentucky skank (trojan)

Jack the Ripper’s on the active but disabled list. Next Sessions JTR!

This is how we do it.

Thumbs up to this 45 Sessions for sure.

Keep Diggin’!

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