Inez Foxx – Watch The Dog (That Brings The Bone)

Inez with brother Charlie promo photo

Download or Listen to Inez Foxx – Watch The Dog (That Brings The Bone) from the Volt Records 45 from 1972.

After a killer 45 Sessions on Friday night, I’m gonna bring it back to some Sister Soul. I haven’t touched on the sisters in a while, and quite frankly, I feel bad. I have so much Sister Soul taht I need to man up and start reviewing it. I believe the last time I did was Marva Whitney, so shame on me. Thanks again to all who came out to the Sessions this past weekend, and a huge shout out to my new friends from Baltimore that stopped into the Annex on Saturday night. Let’s make some things happen in B’More. In some other news, the first sticker is done. I will be selling a few individually, and keeping the rest for the sticker packs which will be available at a later date. Message me for now on the details of the individual stickers. Also, I’m revamping, and it will be hopefully up and running in the upcoming weeks. The template looks great, very streamlined, and this one will have a media player to play rotating mixes when you vist, a flyer gallery from the beginning of my DJ start, and lots more goodies. Stay tuned. Let’s get into some Sister Soul with Inez Foxx and “Watch The Dog (That Brings The Bone)” on Volt Records from 1972.

Born in 1942, Inez Foxx was half of the brother/ sister duo Inez and Charlie Foxx. The two shared vocal duties while Charlie played guitar. With their biggest hit being “Mockingbird” (you know, Dumb and Dumber’s version made you laugh hard: “Mock..Mock…”) in 1963, the two were a huge part of the Northern Soul Movement and toured throughout Europe. Their live show was their gem, and Inez would finish the set up a la James Brown, being carried off the stage by her brother. They churned out hits such as “Hurt by Love,” “Ask Me,” and “(1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count the Days.” They recorded for such record labels as Sue and Dynamo early on, before Inez moved over to Volt in 1971. Inez stayed making music through the 70’s after the duo broke up, and Charlie played the part of record producer before dying of leukemia in 1998.

While Inez didn’t garner much attention with critics with her release on Volt: Inez Foxx at Memphis, I still believe that she was more than a novelty act. A true Soul singer, she shines on this 1972 song produced by Randy Stewart and Willie Hall done before the At Memphis sessions. Back by, or rather Rhythm by, The Movement, this side is uptight and out of sight. This is the type of Soul music I like to get down to people, and I think you should too. Enjoy the start of your work week with some Sister Soul. Keep Diggin’!

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