The Soul Investigators – Brown Sauce

Download or Listen to The Soul Investigators – Brown Sauce from the Timmion Records 45

Well, as I promised last week, I have 2 more Soul Investigators sides to review, this being the second one. I had an overwhelming response with the first side, so I’m excited to get this one out. The first installment of the FMF Sticker series are here. I will be selling them singly for a bit, but only in a limited quantity. The rest will be for the 4 part Series. So if you’re jonesing to get you Flea Market Funk on and you want to represent, you can Pay Pal me at US orders are $1 for the sticker and 50 cents for postage, International orders are $1 for the sticker and $1.50 for postage. Please specify the quantity of stickers you want. That being said, let’s get into another great side by The Soul Investigators on Timmion Records. Here’s “Brown Sauce”, Timmion #017.

Starting off with some heavy drums, “Brown Sauce” moves right into some decent Hammond organ and just takes you away. It’s drums/ guitar combo remind me of a lost Meters track that was eventually sampled by Premier for another break-neck beat. However funky Jukka’s drums are, and Pete and Sami’s guitar/bass combinations slam it, the sound that resonates throughout the song and brings it to the next level is Antti’s organ. It moves you man, from start to finish. I know it’s 2009, but really I’m feeling 1971. I’m feeling like I’m in some chicken shack of a bar, drinking a Schaeffer from a pop top can, and dressed in my best Saturday night outfit. This is how music should be made. I know I’m partial to the Hammond organ, but hell, this track smokes. I urge all of you to get over to the Timmion site and buy it. I’ll see you Friday with some more goodness. Keep Diggin’!

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