The Olympians – How Can I Love (Now That You’re Gone)

Download or Listen To The Olympians – How Can I Love (Now That You’re Gone) from the Truth and Soul 45

Here we are in February already people. Where does this time go? I’ll apologize for being a bit distant over the last couple of weeks. I’m on the tail end of this flu and this old man has started to play football again. My knees are a bit weaker than they used to be, but it’s been great exercise. Not to mention that these young bucks have been running me ragged! That’s neither here nor there. I got a little ditty from our friends over at Truth and Soul Records this past week, and I wanted to share it with you guys for sure. Here’s The Olympians with “How Can I Love (Now That You’re Gone)” on Truth and Soul Records.

This 45 is none other the brain child of Truth and Soul keyboard player Toby Pazner, who has played on many a Truth and Soul side. Recorded in his bedroom onto a Tascam 388, Pazner has put out a fine release under the name The Olympians. Gritty like sandpaper, but yet so sweet like sugar (or even better sugar in the raw), it’s a great addition to the already superb menu of Funk and Soul coming out of the Big Apple. If I could play the keyboard (and I’m trying to learn), I’d want to keep it 1967-1971 in my sound.

This record is pure instrumental Soul. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Isaac Hayes, Mickey and the Soul Generation, and Curtis Mayfield, Pazner has captured this late 60’s, early 70’s sound perfectly. A song that simply strolls along from start to finish, it’s got El Michels on horns and features members of today’s Funk and Soul elite; the Menehan Street Band and the Expressions. Some may see this song as a heart breaker, but I see it as a breath of fresh air on a Spring day. Toby Panzer and Truth and Soul have hit this right on the head people. Make more music like this! Big ups and Keep Diggin’!

Support this music and record company by buying this 7″ here.

2 responses to “The Olympians – How Can I Love (Now That You’re Gone)

  1. Can you please post the b-side of The Olympians “Stand Tall” on divshare? Thank you much, Ryan.

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