All Points Bulletin Band – Sexy Ways-Pretty Legs Part 1 Plus Road Trippin’

Well kids, here’s it is, a quick piece of DC Funky Soul from 1975. I’ve been saving this record for such an occasion, and going to play a gig in DC is as good as I can think of. Enjoy the All Points Bulletin Band – “Sexy Ways Pretty Legs Part 1” on Little City Records out of Washington DC ( who eventually moved to North Carolina) from 1975. You are sure to hear this one tonight at Moneytown.

Download or Listen To All Points Bulletin Band – Sexy Ways-Pretty Legs Part 1 Plus Road Trippin’ from the Little City Records 45

This from the Washington Post:

“If you love rare funk and soul music from the ’60s and ’70s, you’ve got the Funky 16 Corners in your top bookmarks. (If you haven’t get over there as soon as you finish reading this.) Blogger Larry Grogan is on a neverending quest for crazy Philly soul, psychedelic boogaloo, straight-up dance floor-filling madness, rare and amazing records that contain covers of “Maggie May” and “Lady Marmalade” — and that’s just in the last two weeks or so. Then, after unearthing these gems, Grogan shares the MP3s with the world. Amazing dude. Here’s the thing: If his blog and his podcasts are that good, imagine what he’s like as a DJ. Find out tonight at Dahlak, where Grogan and cohort DJ Prestige are joining DJ Nitekrawler for a very special edition of Moneytown, Nitekrawler’s monthly soulstravaganza. If they don’t blow the roof off the joint, then congratulate Dahlak’s owners on having the most structurally sound building in D.C. Never a cover.”

If that’s not a welcome to our nation’s capitol, I don’t know what is. Here it is, BAM! and you say god damn, this is a dope jam. My records are packed, my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go. I’m on a mission to get to Ben’s Chili Bowl, so can you help a brother out? More posts from the road……..

Well i thought I was packed:

See you in DC………………..

Bonus: Kutiman Mixes You Tube. Thanks SF for this!

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