Funky Movement Day 2 Richmond, VA

After a long day of digging (see photos below and above), Funky 16 and I hit the road only to be greeted by Northern Virginia traffic. I felt like I was driving in La or something, with the stop/ go/ stop some more every five seconds. We finally made it to Richmond though, and met up with Troy Hurt of the Mercy! party. The venue, Cous Cous, was a great Mediterranean spot that converted into a club after 9PM, right on the campus of VCU. After some delicious food we got down to business. Troy held it down with some tight ass Funk and Soul 45’s (throwing in some Willie Mitchell “Mercy” which made me smile), before I went up for my first set. The crowd was responsive all night, and danced until they couldn’t dance anymore and had to go. Larry was schooling these folks on the some records I’m pretty sure they never danced to before. We both had a great time, and hopefully will get to do this once again. Many thanks to Troy of Scorpion Brothers Sound System, the folks who came out in Richmond to see us, and Chris and staff at Cous Cous for the great hospitality and food. Here’s some continued digging photos and photos from the night:

45’s and More 45’s!

Funky 16 pulls out heat.

Marshall from Memory Lane, me, Larry, DJ Birdman

Troy from Scorpio Bros. Sound System@ Mercy!

Funky 16 gets his Eddie Bo On @ Mercy!

I’m having fun, can’t you tell?

Mercy! Crowd getting into it.

Lps, Lps, Lps

More 45 Scores:
Harvey Scales – I Wanna Do It/ Stax
Rufus Thomas – Itch and Scratch/ Stax Promo x 2
Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants (I’m Coming)/ Brownstone
Jackie Lee – African Boogaloo/ Keyman
Soul Runners – Grits and Corn Bread/ MoSoul
Conroy Smith – Come Follow Me/ Power House
Johnny Jones and the King CAsuals – Soul Poppin/ Brunswick
The Jan Davis Guitar – Hot Sauce/ Quad-ett
EArl Gaines – Soul Children/ Seventy Seven Records
Baby Al and the Capps – Grab Your Pardner/ Silver Fox
The Rugbys – You, I/ Amazon
The Esquires – You Say/ Bunky’s Pick
Johnny Osbourne – Fraudie/ Brown Sugar
The Fabulous Counts – Jan Jan/ Moira
JImmy McGriff – Groove Grease/ Groove Merchant
Baby Cortez – Gettin To The Point/ Chess
LJ Reynolds and Chocoalte Syrup – Stay With Me/ Law-Ton
Marva Whitney – It’s My Thing/ King
Thomas Clock – I’ll Be True/ Cooking Records (Newark, NJ yo!)

9 responses to “Funky Movement Day 2 Richmond, VA

  1. The food in both DC and Richmond sounds just as impressive as your newly acquired vinyl treasures. Man, we need real original 45’s DJ’s like you over here in Holland, to shake and bake the folks of our little old country! I only have 2 original 45’s, so my set would be extremely short…Peace, Ingmar

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