The Rugbys – You, I

Download or Listen to The Rugbys – You, I from the Amazon 45

First off, just wanted to say “Thanks” for all the kind words in regards to Eilon Paz’s photographic profile/ interview over at Dust and Grooves. I didn’t realize that I had an impact so much in this bogged down blogosphere. Apparently, I do. Thanks again. My mailbox is full of goodies these past weeks, from Stones Throw to Brownswood, all of which will be coming up in post in the very near future. Today, however, here is a midweek treat I picked up on my trip down South. Troy from The Scorpio Brothers Sound System had this in a sale pile, and well, I couldn’t pass it up. In fact, it wasn’t expensive at all, so I thank you Troy for this little piece of goodness coming out of the Bluegrass State. It’s a little out of the box for Flea Market Funk, but as I’ve said before, if it’s Funky, I’m playing it. Here’s The Rugbys with “You, I” on Amazon Records from 1969.

The Rugbys formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 1965. The band consisted of Steve McNicol (guitar), Eddie Vernon (keyboards), Glen Howerton (drums), and Mike Hoerni (bass). Originally a cover band, they would go on to write original songs and in 1968 released “Walking The Streets Tonight” on Top Dog. The song was written by The Sir Douglas Quintet’s Doug Sahm. Another record was released, written McNicol entitled “Stay With Me”. This record charted locally, but it wasn’t until the flip side (this very record) caught on that the Rugbys started to gain some attention. The record went to number 24 on the Billboard charts, and for a few years the band toured with acts like Grand Funk and Bob Seger. A full length record, Hot Cargo, was released, but was met with lukewarm feelings, and didn’t really go anywhere.

Like I said, this record is a bit off base for me, but I had heard the song before (as the masses of Soul Strut swear by it). It never really has shown up in the field by me, so I figured what the hell. Basically a garage/ psych record, this side is funky as hell, with plenty of fuzzed out guitar, a kick ass drum beat (and drum break, even though it’s small), all to keep your attention for 2 minutes and 50 seconds. It still goes to show you that there is Funk in many things, even this Kentucky 45 of AM Gold. You never know where you’re gonna find it. Keep Diggin!

One response to “The Rugbys – You, I

  1. The Hot Cargo lp has a few moments similar to this track. Its not hard to find either. I’ve found three nice copies for under 7.00 each. Check out Lines Of Thought.And is it just me, or does Ruth Copeland’s I Got A Thing For You Daddy sound similar to You,I?

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