Dig For Fire Documentary

Here’s a little bit of goodness from film maker Habib Awam. He is on a quest to know why we dig for vinyl. It’s definitely a plausible question. I’m excited because it has a bunch of Washington, DC vinyl notables (including Kevin from Moneytown/ DC Soul Recordings and Neal Becton of Som Records) as well as interviews with people from the film maker’s hometown. The gamut is run: from DJ’s to producers to record store owners to simple collectors, there are all there. This video is right up Flea Market Funk’s alley! Enjoy and Keep Diggin’!

9 responses to “Dig For Fire Documentary

  1. So is this a short from a full length feature available somewhere? Either online or on DVD? Or maybe just a work in progress?

  2. From what I was told, this is a work in process……and I thought this was supposed to be the unedited version, ie: the sound levels are not correct as you can barely hear us talking. where did you get this from?

  3. Som Records looks really nice. Nice video and a very important message: support your local vinyl shops!

  4. Hey, this is Habib AWAN. Yes this is a shortend, rough version of the film im working on. It should be totally finished by late April/early May.

    Look forward to interviews with Dischord Records, Andre and DJ Amir at Waxpoetics, and an interview with John George, the owner of the OLDEST RECORD STORE IN AMERICA in the complete version.

  5. well, it was ok
    i somewhat feel like i’ve already seen this type of crate diggin documentary
    nothing that stands out

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