Soul Generation – FMF Vol. 32

Since I had a rare Saturday night off from DJing, I figured I’d take the opportunity to put together a mix. I have been asked a lot over the past few months when I’m dropping something new. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s getting the time to actually do it. So tonight, I had some time to put some stuff together. As a matter of fact, I’m trying to do three separate all 45 mixes in the upcoming weeks, providing I have the time. They will be a mix of Funk and Soul, and possibly another all Reggae mix, strictly 45. Truth be told, I wish I could do a mix a week ( I have the records to do it), but then the question of when to actually write about this incredible stuff comes up. I guess I just have to balance it, and we’ll all be satisfied. For this particular mix, I dug up a lot of new music to share tonight. I hope you enjoy these records as much as I do. A Lot more on the way, I promise, so hold tight.

Soul Generation – Deep Funk and Raw Soul on 45, FMF Vol. 32.

FMF Vol. 32 Track List

Lou Courtney – Hey Joyce/ Popside
The Fabulous Counts – Jan Jan/ Moira
Lee Rogers – Sex Appeal/ Diamond Jim
The Village Callers – Hector/ Rampart
Soul Runners – Grits and Corn Bread/ Mo Soul
Hoctor Dance Records Band – Cissy Strut/ Hoctor
Ed Robinson – Hey Blackman Part II/ Cotillion
Lee Charles – Somebody’s Gonna Hurt You Like You Hurt Me/ Hot Wax
Shirley Brown – I Ain’t Gonna Tell/ Abet
Jackie Lee – African Boo-Ga-Loo/ Keyman
Harvey Scales – I Wanna Do It/ Stax
J.J. Jackson – Fat, Black, and Together/ Congress
Marvin L. Sims – Talkin’ ‘Bout Soul/ Revue

Download or Listen to: Soul Generation – Deep Funk and Raw Soul on 45, FMF Vol. 32

Keep Diggin’!


6 responses to “Soul Generation – FMF Vol. 32

  1. Right ON! I suppose the rarity of your mixes make them all the more special. Man, that Ed Robinson tune is NASTY!! I dropped that Harvey Scales get down in my last mix as well. A 25 cent find. LOVE that one. “Now Bass…Funk Up The Place…It Ain’t No Disgrace” This mix is LOADED with some stone killers. Thanks so much!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  2. thanks Dave…been jonesing to get a mix moving for a minute. glad you liked it. i DIG that harvey scales. i was feeling the ed robinson. the a side was a bit weak, but give it a flip and BAM!

  3. BOUT TIME! Thanks Prestige, i and we have been jonesin’ for a new mix by you. I know what it’s like tryin to live in the naughts and just get by let alone deliver the goods to us on a weekly, eh, monthly, eh quarterly eh. fuck it thanx. I love the mix. Long live the funky soul.

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