Hoctor Records House Band – Cissy Strut or Is It?

Download or Listen to Hoctor Records House Band – Cissy Strut from the Hoctor Records 45

By now if you’ve read this blog the past week or so, you know that I have had some decent luck digging as of late. Here’s something I dug up, and have had my eye out for a long time for. I featured a Hoctor record on my very first Flea Market Funk Mix #1 in 2007, (2001) and I’m happy to say that I have another one here. Here’s the Hoctor Records House Band with a cover of the Meter’s “Cissy Strut” on Hoctor Records.

Now imagine this: You want to learn how to dance. You’re from New Jersey, and you look up Dance studios/ companies. Well you could always hit up Arthur Murray, but what if you chose Hoctor? Established in 1959 by dance team Danny and Betty Hoctor, these two created Hoctor Records so they could produce material for dance instruction. This means you’d go to a class, and they’d play Hoctor Records. Imagine you going to this said dance class and they put on this record. A cover of the Meters, funky as hell, and people are doing the Foxtrot or whatever is popular at the time. Basically they’re learning the popular dances of the day, and the Hoctor House band is getting down. I dig this cover, maybe it’s the flute, or maybe it’s the drum break in the middle. Whatever it is, I love this cover. You will too! There are a few other Hoctor releases that are funky, but I haven’t turned them up yet. It’s took me this long to get this one. Enjoy it! I’ll see you mid week with some more goodness from the crates. Keep Diggin’!

***Apparently this record is mislabeled, and it isn’t the real cover of Cissy Strut. Can someone help a brother out and let me know what this tune is? THANKS!

  • **I thought I’d throw this in. As I finished up this post, I heard Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings doing “This Land is Your Land” on CBS’s Cold Case. Dope.

7 responses to “Hoctor Records House Band – Cissy Strut or Is It?

  1. dopeness indeed. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for ‘cissy strut’. about five years ago I turned up a 45 copy of ‘cisco kid’ on hoctor. one of my favorite inst. 7’s. big fat drums and scathing guitar with a great horn arrangment. Anybody know how rare these 45’s are?

  2. R*ch—It’s not you. It’s not Cissy Strut either. Pres,a few years back I came across a stack of these at the Allentown show. Fortunately I had my portable with me and they all had some other song (all were labeled Cissy Strut). If memory serves it wasn’t the song you have posted though. Might have been the b-side (of the copy of Hoctor ‘Cissy Strut’ that I have, a cover of ‘Friendship Train’. Anyone know what this really is??

  3. The flip is Friendship Train, BUT it’s the Addams Family theme song….weird. Chock that one up for some weird pressing shit. Any help would be great, thanks!

  4. I had a mislabelled Hoctor 45 a few years ago. I think it was supposed to be ‘Cissy Strut’ but it had the ‘Addams Family’ theme and something else unfunky on it. Definitely not this track.

  5. I am desperatelylooking for a cd Hoctor 4605 triple treat. If you have any info please contact me with info and cost. Thank you Barbaras school of the Dance Delmar N.Y.

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