Down Home Soul: Raw Funk and Soul That Feels Good – FMF Vol. 33

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Sometimes when it rains, it pours. In the case of FMF mixes, it’s pouring right now. I have an overflow of records to get to, and I’m gonna just keep putting out mixes until I can’t any more. I want to reiterate that these are all original mixes. This means no mp3’s, no cds, it’s strictly vinyl. They’re original records and all on 45 when noted. I want to preserve this music, especially on vinyl. I’m not saying I don’t dig an mp3 when I’m on the go, but for Flea Market Funk and the blog, we keep it all vinyl. Shout out to the cats that are truly preserving the vinyl and keeping this music alive. You know who you are.

Now back to Volume 33. This mix has a variety of Funk and Funky Soul, plus a sprinkling of the sweet stuff. I like how it starts out heavy (and who would have known that Dick Hyman had such good drum breaks!), and eventually mellows out towards the end, until Carolyn Franklin brings it back up a bit. I had to close with a cover of Marvin Gaye, because he would have been 70 yesterday. He is sorely missed. I’m toying with the idea of doing an all Sweet Soul mix, so let me know what you all think. Take the poll down below and tell me what kind of mix you would like to see in the future here at FMF. I have a few ideas, and I’d like to hear what you have to say about it. Please enjoy some Down Home Soul: Raw Funk and Soul That Feels Good.

Down Home Soul: Raw Funk and Soul That Feels Good – FMF Vol. 33 Tracklist

Foxy – Trouble/ Double Shot
Johnny Jones & the King Casuals – Soul Poppin’/ Brunswick
Dick Hyman – Respect/ Command
John Ellison – Funky Funky Way of Makin’ Love/ Phil L.A. of Soul
Spencer Wiggins – Soul City U.S.A./ Goldwax
Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar Band – Taurus/ Sussex
The Esquires – You Say/ Bunky’s Pick
The Magics – Let’s Boogaloo/ RFA Records
Black Ivory – Surrender/ Today
Soul Runners – Charley/ Mo Soul
Spanky Wilson – Little Things Mean A Lot/ Mother’s Records
Sisters Love – Ring Once/ A & M
Carolyn Franklin – Reality/ RCA
Sonny Richards & the Panics – Stubborn Kind Of Fellow/ Roulette

Keep Diggin’!

***PS: The photo used on the cover was at a small market in North Carolina that I took while on tour a few years back. It had the worst toilet I’ve ever seen, and the photo will be featured on a new mix with myself and Jack the Ripper aptly entitled: Hot Shit. Please stay tuned for that.


9 responses to “Down Home Soul: Raw Funk and Soul That Feels Good – FMF Vol. 33

  1. SMOKIN’ SET!! Really dig that Johnny Jones cut. Phat drums, cool guitar, and BADDASS horn licks. Yet another in a long list of great discoveries for me exclusively from FMF! Yeah, I know how you do. 😉

    Peace and SOUL,

  2. God i been rocking that TROUBLE joint for years – i never heard anyone else ever play it in a mix – top track nice mix !

  3. Great mix.

    Soul City USA! I said GODDAMN! That song is the shit! How was that song NOT a number one hit? It’s got everything.
    Horn section – check.
    Wilson Pickett-like vocals – check.
    Naming other more famous soul singers – check.
    Naming soul dances – check.
    Naming cities of the United States – check.
    Saying the word boogaloo – check.

    I will be hunting for this record for sure.

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