Grant Green – I Want To Hold Your Hand

Download or Listen To Grant Green – I Want To Hold Your Hand from the Blue Note 45

Good Monday morning to the Flea Market Funk fam…I have some good things coming up this week that I think you’ll be interested in. First off, on Wednesday I have a guest mix for none other than Double K over at Parkdale Funk. It’s another FMF joint, but I threw in a little bit of some different stuff to shake things up a bit. I’m excited for everyone to hear it. Secondly, I have the date for the next Asbury Park 45 Sessions. Due to scheduling conflicts (I know it sucks), it will be Friday June 12th over at the Asbury Lanes. You might be able to get your 45 fix beforehand though, as Jack the Ripper and I are going to try some 45 antics over at the Annex possibly in May. Stay tuned.

Today, since it’s pouring here, and I was in the mood for some mellow Jazz, I turned to my old friend Grant Green. He’s doing a cover of some obscure band from Liverpool called the Beatles. I did a previous post of Grant covering James Brown here, so go there to get more bio info. Today is just the goods. Enjoy Grant Green and players Hank Mobley, Larry Young, and Elvin Jones with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” on Blue Note Records. See you Wednesday with more goodness. Keep Diggin’.

3 responses to “Grant Green – I Want To Hold Your Hand

  1. nice !
    but since im an LP guy ill tell you this: on the I Want To Hold Your Hand LP there are some better tracks than this one…
    Still a nice rendition from Grant & friends

  2. You had a record that was mislabeled some time ago by Hoctor Records and the label was “Cissy Strut”…..would you be willing to sell me this 45 RPM?
    Please reply at your convenience.
    Many thanks,
    Tim M.

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