Clarence Reid – Funky Party

Download or Listen To Clarence Reid – Funky Party from the Alston Records 45

Greetings to the Flea Market Funk family. After a much needed vacation and some rest, I return refreshed and ready to bring back some Funk for you. I never left the Niagara and Niagara-on-the-Lake section of Ontario to travel to Toronto, but I still had a great time any way. There weren’t too many records to be found ( I looked around!), but the rest again was much needed. I’ll see you T dot O soon enough. I have a big Summer schedule DJing until September, and plenty of digging to do, so I’m excited about that as always. What we have here is a great Funk piece out of Florida. The original Dirty Man Blowfly aka Clarence Reid and “Funky Party” on Alston Records from 1974.

Born on February 14, 1945 (fitting for his X-Rated love serenades decades later) in Cochran, GA, one of 18 children decided that that many kids was too much, picking cotton in the family business stunk, and he needed to get out of dodge. Before he ran away to Florida though, he was always making up raunchy songs to sing in the fields, which would prompt his Grandma to say “I don’t know why those little white girls like you! You ain’t no better than a nasty ol’ blowfly!”. The origin of something to come.  While working in a restaurant Reid, his raunchy songs continued.  He would soon hook up with Willie Clarke and go see Miami music mogul Henry Stone.  Stone took both of them under his wing, and guided them in the music business.  They repayed him with hit records.  They discovered a 12 year old Betty Wright, penned her 1968 hit“Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do”, and didn’t look back.  In 1969 the team churned out “Nobody But You Babe” for Reid, and then came the string of hits for Betty Wright: “Clean Up Woman,” “Baby Sitter,” and “Let Me Be Your Lovemaker”, among the others for Gwen McCrae, J.P Robinson, Timmy Thomas, and Paulette Reeves.  Reid was integral in helping bassist Richard Finch and Henry Wayne Casey (or K.C. for short) to Stone and helping htem get involved at TK Records.  KC and the Sunshine band went on to stardom after this.  Going underground during the 70’s, Reid would emerge as Mister Nasty aka Blow Fly on Stone’s Weird World Record Label.  Things haven’t been the same since.  Reid continues to tour as Blow Fly, slaying audiences worldwide.

Close your eyes. This is not Shaft. It may sound like it. Reid borrows a bit from Isaac Hayes (ok, maybe more than a bit). The horn stabs and the wah wah guitar definitely, if anything, pay homage to the baddest, shut your mouth, I’m just talkin’ about Shaft rhythm. This side is a funky party, and I can see the soon to be Blow Fly hangin’ out with his ladies, makin’ moves, and doin’ his thang. Pick it up if you can find it, you dig? It’s good to be back here at FMF. Keep Diggin’!

One of my fave Blow Fly pics….

Promo ATCO Poster

5 responses to “Clarence Reid – Funky Party

  1. Son of a gun, you just missed a big record show in Niagra Falls (Canada Side) just this past Saturday! If your heading back this way check out this site. It lists all the upcoming record shows around Ontario.

  2. Niagara on the Lake is nice though I doubt the famous flowers were in full bloom while you were there. Next time take the short trip to Buffalo. I’ll show you some spots.

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