Eddie Senay – Ain’t No Sunshine

Download or listen to Eddie Senay – Ain’t No Sunshine from the Sussex Records 45

Here we find ourselves midweek in some stuff and while I was getting records ready for a new exclusive mix for West Coast style mavens/ football historians Bumpy Pitch, I came across this record. The mix I’m doing for BP is going to be for the Football Lifestyle: Birds, Booze, and Good Music. You know, the way Georgie “The Boy from Belfast” Best used to play his games on and off the pitch. If you’re confused, Google some highlights when he played for United, and then Google highlights again when he was a much older man, playing for the San Jose Earthquakes here in the States. The guy still had it. I’m excited to do this mix, and it will only be available through Bumpy Pitch. More details to follow. Until then, here’s Eddie Senay with “Ain’t No Sunshine” from 1972 on Sussex Records.

Other than hailing from Detroit, MI, there isn’t much out there in regards to Mr. Senay’s background that I could dig up. He did release two records for Sussex in 1972, Hot Thang and Step By Step. Both are definitely quite good, and as a guitarist, he’s very Grant Green-esque. This is not to say that Mr. Senay did not move towards some fuzzy, blaxploitation guitar styles now and again. The man knew his way around a guitar, whether it be a clean, Jazz style or the aforementioned fuzz. His interpretation of the Bill Withers classic is definitely funky. The beat is a head nodder (plenty of percussion), and Eddie holds it down just fine on guitar. Rudy Robinson is on keyboards and Funk Brother Eddie “Bongo” Brown is killing it on percussion, along with what I can only assume are some of Detroit’s finest session guys behind him (if anyone knows feel free to e mail me). What I find interesting is that this particular Promo 45 is a double sider of “Ain’t No Sunshine” and the other release of this side had “Hot Thang” on it. It also says from the forthcoming Lp: “Just Feeling It” (SXBS 7013), which is Hot Thang. Maybe they were confused on what Lp title to use. You can’t go wrong with Eddie Senay. Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “Eddie Senay – Ain’t No Sunshine

  1. Hot Thang is one of my favorite LP’s. His version of Hathaway’s Zambezi kills it. Stone cold funk.

  2. FYI Georgie Best also had a spell at the greatest club on earth, Hibernian FC, Edinburgh, Scotland. He was on a pay-per-play contract as he couldn’t really be trusted to turn up all the time!

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