The Soul Buttercups – Once In My Life

Download or Listen to The Soul Buttercups – Once In My Life from the Premier Records Lp Solid Soul

Unfortunately, I have to make this review a bit short this midweek. I’ve got some personal stuff to deal with that sucks, but unfortunately has to be dealt with. You know I always make it a point to get the music out, so I will try my best to keep it coming on a regular basis as usual, but excuse me if I’m a bit inconsistent at time. I do apologize, but sometimes the real world gets in the way of the blog world. It’s unavoidable. I picked up this record while camping a few years ago in Pennsylvania. I always like to find a good cover record, and this whole Lp was nothing but covers. I have been thinking lately that when I get my two mixes out of the way that I’m working on I will be doing an all cover mix, which will be interesting. I have amassed a lot of cover records in my record digging career. This particular record Solid Soul is amazing. Here’s a Stevie Wonder cover of “Once In My Life” by the Soul Buttercups on Premier Records.

This entire record was something that I couldn’t dig up much info on. I can assume that the Soul Buttercups were a studio band out of NYC, who just did covers. The Premier Record label itself put out a boatload of “cheapo” records it appears. They all seem to be covers of popular tunes. From Movie Themes to Soundtracks to Love Songs to Country and Western Million Sellers, Premier had it all covered. They even did kid’s records and a Beer Hall album. This is the kind of record I love to find. It has a lot of character. Maybe these musicians were really just trying to make a buck in NYC in the late 60’s and early 70’s by doing studio cuts, covers of the popular Funk and Soul sides of the day. Maybe they were members of other bands that played the circuit and did this on the side? This is something hopefully someone has some information on. If you do, I’d love to pass it along to the FMF readers. I will hopefully see you all on Friday with some more goodness. Keep Diggin’!

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